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Zhao Houlin
2014-12-18 | Source:GTI


Mr. Zhao Houlin

Deputy Secretary-General and Secretary-General Elect of ITU

It's a pleasure to join the Forth TD-LTE Technology and Spectrum Workshop. And I am very few who participate from the first one until the last one. I have always been with this workshop.

The latest annual report of ITU shows we have around 7 billion mobile subscriptions among 7.3 billion population today. But we also have big trouble of internet connections that today we consider about 40% of our population connected online, which means another 60% have not been connected yet. And the most efficient way is to provide them with the mobile capability. Meanwhile, the broadband is important for social economy. And the mobile broadband will be the next step for the development of broadband industry to have a better use of limited recourses of spectrum to meet the ever increase request for mobile communication community.

TD-LTE has demonstrated its advantages in frequency use compared with other technologies. And ITU has cognized TD-LTE Advanced as family of our 4G technologies since 2012. ITU is keen on TDD technology development, and willing to join forces with global industry to further promote the resource allocation and create market opportunity for TD-LTE.

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