(New) GTI Sub-6GHz 5G Device Whitepaper_v 10 th / 11 / 2017

This Whitepaper targets enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) scenario for Sub 6GHz frequency band and contains the key requirements and the hot topics of 5G pre-commercial device, e.g. Form Factor of 5G Device, Multi-Mode Multi-Band, Network Access Capability, Inter-working and Voice Solutions, RF Requirements, Demodulation Performance, Power Consumption and Device Testing, etc. This Whitepaper will benefit 5G industry partners to identify market needs and facilitate development of 5G device industry.

(New) GTI Proof of Concept of 5G System White 11 th / 08 / 2017

This white paper addresses outstanding aspects which are seen fundamental to corresponding work carried out for PoC with inclusion of three subclasses.
- Key performance indexes need to be identified in PoC task
- Substantial features enabling the competence of 5G NR
- Verification configurations and cases of PoC

(New) GTI 5G Cloud Robotics Whitepaper-final 23 rd / 06 / 2017

Cloud robots are controlled from a “brain” in the cloud. The brain, located in a data center, makes use of Artificial Intelligence and other advanced software technologies to deal with tasks that in traditional robots were undertaken by a local, on-board controller. Compared to local robots, cloud robots will generate new value chains, new technologies, new architectures, new experiences and new business models, this white paper will explore these aspects.

GTI NB-IoT Module Test Specification v1.0.0 19 th / 06 / 2017

The NB-IoT test and certification solution includes chipset test, module test and terminal tests. Chipset tests utilize 3GPP conformance test to guarantee basic wireless function. Module tests covers key function and performance such as power consumption, RF performance and etc.. Terminal tests mainly focus on antenna OTA performance.

Module test specification is one of the NB-IoT series test specificaions. This document specifies the test content and test method for NB-IoT module, including interconnection testing, power consumption testing, RF performance testing and positioning testing.

GTI 4G Wireless Broadband Industry WP v1.0 01 st / 03 / 2017

Global internet consumption is growing at an ever increasing pace. More people and more devices connect to the internet every day. According to Cisco’s VNI forecast, in 2020 there will be:
· 4.1 billion total Internet users (52% of population), up from 3.0 billion (40% of population) in 2015.
· 26.3 billion networked devices, up from 16.3 billion in 2015.
· 3.4 networked devices per capita, up from 2.2 per capita in 2015.
· 44% of all networked devices will be mobile-connected in 2020.

This growth will be driven by availability, affordability and desirability of broadband services and devices.
New, innovative applications and high quality content are published on the internet on a daily basis. This increases desirability and stimulates demand.
To connect over a billion new subscribers in only a few years, large scale fixed and wireless network deployments will be required.

GTI - Massive MIMO White Paper -170125(EN V6) 01 st / 03 / 2017

As a massive-antenna technology in the 4G era, Massive MIMO has been widely regarded as an ever energizing technology since 4G rollout. It takes the unrivaled advantages of LTE TDD spectrum to achieve revolutionary breakthroughs in network performance for operators. This revolutionary technology is a great prelude to the future-oriented network.

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