GTI 5G MEC Whitepaper_draft_v0.1 21 st / 02 / 2019

This white paper will serve as a platform to initiate 5G MEC deployment strategy discussions within the GTI and be continuously updated based on the progress and consensus.

GTI IoT Network Performance Evaluation WhitePaper_v2 21 st / 02 / 2019

The present document is part of a Network and terminal capability and performance evaluation. It describes a Network Performance Model that can be used for evaluation of NB-IoT network performance.

GTI MIoT Device Solution White Paper v3.1 21 st / 02 / 2019

This whitepaper will focus on the key points of MIoT device solution, including MIoT RFFE Design, MIoT Chipset Requirements and Architecture, Optimized MIoT solution on low power and eUICC based implementation solution for MIoT devices. Based on the technical exploration, this whitepaper will give the guidance for MIoT device research and development.

GTI 5G Network Security Consideration white paper v1.1 21 st / 02 / 2019

This whitepaper tries to study the typical characteristics of 5G service system security, figure out differences on new systems and new environments, and propose new management and operation solution to deal with them.

GTI 5G mmWave Spectrum White Paper 21 st / 02 / 2019

This white paper will update the global situation regarding the 5G radio spectrum policy for mmWave, standardization progress, global industry development, operator trial and deployment. It will also promote a mobile industry view on how to protect the existing service used in the bands and provide appropriate technical requirement for coexistence with the existing services.

GTI 5G Network Slicing Whitepaper V2.0 21 st / 02 / 2019

Network Slice is a logical network that provides specific network capabilities and network characteristics. It realizes multiple network services in a unified physical facility and provides multi-level isolation and security, reducing the cost of network construction for operators and satisfying the needs of multiple industries in the vertical industry.

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