China Mobile RCS White Paper

Report in Collaboration with the GSMA Highlights Best Practice from National 5G Plans

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Core Concepts and Visions

Services and Functionality Requirements

New Call

New Message

New Contacts

Other Requirements

User Experience Requirements

Service Management Requirements

Terminal Requirements

General Requirements

Requirements on New Call

Requirements on New Message

Requirements on New Contacts

IP Connection Management and Concurrency Requirements

Authentication Requirements

Terminal Upgrade Requirements

Open Interface of Terminal Capabilities

Platform Requirements

Requirements for Platform on New Call

Requirements for Platform on New Message

Requirements for Platform on New Contacts

Service Management Requirements

Deployment and Implementation Requirements

Open Interface Requirements for Platform—side Capabilities

Network Requirements

Requirements on IMS Core Network

Requirements on PS Network

Operation Support System Requirements

Interoperability and Roaming Requirements


International Roaming

Security Requirements

General Principles

Service Security Requirements

Network Security Requirements

Terminal Security Requirements

Platform Security Requirements

Operation Support System Security Requirements


Annex 1: Abbreviations

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