GTI Massive MIMO White Paper v2.0

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Executive Summary   

Table of Contents 

1 Introduction   
1.1 Background   
1.1 Objectives of This White Paper   
1.2 Terminology   

2 Principles of Massive MIMO   
2.1 Fundamental Principles of Massive MIMO   
2.2 TDD facilitates Massive MIMO implementation   

3 Field Performance of Massive MIMO in Typical Scenarios   
3.1 Typical Application Scenarios   
3.1.1 High Traffic Areas   
3.1.2 3D Coverage Scenarios   
3.1.3 Large Public Events   
3.2 Peak Throughput Testing   
3.3 Performance in Commercial Network   
3.3.1 Massive MIMO Commercial Performance Analysis   
3.3.2 Hotspot Scenarios   
3.3.3 High Traffic Areas (MBB)   
3.3.4 High Traffic Areas (FWA)   
3.3.5 3D Coverage Scenarios   
3.3.6 Large Public Events   

4 Massive MIMO Paves the Way for Evolution from 4.5G to 5G   
4.1 The Evolution from LTE-Advanced to Massive MIMO   
4.2 Roadmap of Massive MIMO Evolution Towards 5G   
4.3 Massive MIMO Commercial Products at Current Stage   
4.4 Further Enhanced Massive MIMO to Support 3GPP Rel 13/Rel 14 Terminals and Future 5G   
4.4.1 Base Station Evolution   
4.4.2 Terminal Evolution   

5 Conclusion   

6 References  


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