GTI 5G Network Slicing Whitepaper V2.0

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1 Network slicing conceptual architecture

2 Driving force of Network slice

2.1 Trends and Demands of the Vertical Industry
2.2 Insight into the value of network slicing

3 Key Technologies of E2E Slicing

3.1 Enabling Technologies of the Network Domain
3.1.1 Core Network
3.1.2 Wireless
3.1.3 Bearer
3.1.4 Terminal
3.2 Slicing O&M Management
3.3 Slicing Isolation and Security

4 End-to-end Slice Deployment and Evolution

5 Foresight Technologies and Trends of Network Slicing

6 End-to-end Use Case

7 Summary and Prospective

GTI 5G Network Slicing Whitepaper V2.0a58c4ba5d092a9cd1adfbbe0142d1743.jpg

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