GTI IoT Service Layer Architecture White Paper v1.0 03 rd / 05 / 2018

The underlying mobile network is an existing large-scale platform for bearing the IoT services. Getting the underlying transport network capability to be exposed to the IoT applications in a simple way while offering additional and commonly needed functions and guaranteeing a robust protection of the network from inefficient usage will provide differentiated competition for mobile operators' IoT platforms versus other over-the-top offerings.

GTI Massive MIMO White Paper v2.0 03 rd / 05 / 2018

As a massive-antenna technology in the 4G era, Massive MIMO has been widely regarded as an ever energizing technology since 4G rollout. It takes the unrivaled advantages of LTE TDD spectrum to achieve revolutionary breakthroughs in network performance for operators. This revolutionary technology is a great prelude to the future-oriented network.

GTI 5G SUB-6GHZ SPECTRUM AND REFARMING White Paper 23 rd / 02 / 2018

This white paper introduces the recent progress of global 5G spectrum and the suitability of the 5G frequency bands under consideration for sub-6 GHz spectrum range. In addition it highlights the development of legacy 2G/3G/4G sub-6GHz bands and the possible migration to 5G in order provide ambitious services and adequate coverage, especially assisting the GTI groups for their product design and initiatives identified. And special attention is given to trials and commercial roll-outs of 5G technology in several countries.

GTI NB-IoT Module Test Specification 22 nd / 02 / 2018

The present document specifies the NB-IoT module testing, including connectivity testing, power consumption testing, RF performance testing and positioning testing. For each test cases, the following information can be found in this document:
- the test purpose;
- the test configuration;
- the applicability of each test case;
- the test conditions; and
- the brief description of the test procedure and the expected result

GTI Sub-6GHz 5G RAN white paper 22 nd / 02 / 2018

As one of series of GTI Sub 6GHz 5G white paper, this 5G Radio Access Network whitepaper addresses outstanding aspects which are seen fundamental to corresponding work carried out with inclusion of three subclasses:
- Key performance requirements indexes need to be identified in 5G early trial.
- Essential features in compliant with 3GPP standards enabling the competence of 5G NR
- Substantial RAN solutions in early trial to identify issues may possibly hurdle 5G commercialization.

GTI NB-IoT Interoperability Test Specification 22 nd / 02 / 2018

This document defines the Inter-Operatability test cases for NB-IoT chipsets, modules and devices.

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