GTI Sub-6GHz 5G Device Whitepaper_v3.0 22 nd / 06 / 2018

This White Paper is necessary to facilitate the development of 5G chipset/ device and the corresponding test instruments. It targets enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) scenario for Sub-6GHz 5G pre-commercial and commercial products, which is conducted to be the technical references for the development of chipset/ device and the basis for the 5G pre-commercial and commercial products specs.

GTI Small-sized M2M UICC 22 nd / 06 / 2018

This document defines a new form factor of M2M UICC to meet the IoT development, considering the balancing of the cost and M2M UICC size, with the agreement of chip manufacturers, module manufacturers and card manufacturers.

GTI Security Technical Implementation Guide for IoT devices 22 nd / 06 / 2018

This white paper focuses on the major security of IoT devices and the requirements set forth are designed to improve security of IoT devices. Widespread adoption of these strategic principles and the associated suggested practices would dramatically improve the security of IoT devices.

GTI IoT Core Network Architecture White Paper V1.0 08 th / 06 / 2018

The whitepaper gives a description on IoT use case analysis, core architectural requirement and EPC optimized architecture to support NB-IoT or enhanced MTC devices. This whitepaper also investigates how to leverage NFV and other emerging network technologies to realize optimization of cellular IoT core network architecture, deployment strategy and service capability exposure architecture.

GTI IoT Service Layer Architecture White Paper v1.0 03 rd / 05 / 2018

The underlying mobile network is an existing large-scale platform for bearing the IoT services. Getting the underlying transport network capability to be exposed to the IoT applications in a simple way while offering additional and commonly needed functions and guaranteeing a robust protection of the network from inefficient usage will provide differentiated competition for mobile operators' IoT platforms versus other over-the-top offerings.

GTI Massive MIMO White Paper v2.0 03 rd / 05 / 2018

As a massive-antenna technology in the 4G era, Massive MIMO has been widely regarded as an ever energizing technology since 4G rollout. It takes the unrivaled advantages of LTE TDD spectrum to achieve revolutionary breakthroughs in network performance for operators. This revolutionary technology is a great prelude to the future-oriented network.

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