GTI Sub-6GHz 5G Core Network White Paper 22 nd / 02 / 2018

In the face of 5G services and market trends, there are many key capabilities and performance indicators for 5G network, base station and device. And there are also challenges for 5G Core Network Design and Implementation, so 5G Core Network Whitepaper is necessary to define the technical requirements for 5G Device and direct the research and analysis on key points. GTI encourages the industry partners to participate the 5G activities and work together to make contributions to the 5G Corer Network White Paper.

GTI Enabling AI Vision with 5G Networks White Paper 22 nd / 02 / 2018

Computer vision based on artificial intelligence technology (hereinafter referred to as AI Vision) is the foundation of machine perception and cognition, and it is one of the fastest-growing areas of artificial intelligence. As reported, 91% of human information about the world comes from images captured by eyes. AI vision technology has the ultimate goal of making computers see and understand the world as humans.

GTI 5G Network Slicing White Paper 22 nd / 02 / 2018

The 5G network system can build on-demand network slices to satisfy different service requirements. Network slicing enables the operator to create networks customized to provide optimized solutions for different market scenarios which demand diverse requirements, e.g. in the areas of functionality, performance and isolation. For each scenario, the 5G network can provide appropriate network functionalists, to achieve the goal of building on-demand network and get better performance. Multiple 5G slices can concurrently operate on the same infrastructure.

GTI 5G Network Architecture White Paper 22 nd / 02 / 2018

Unlike the exiting architecture that was designed for the delivery of personal communication services and content, 5G need support a wide variety of new applications and services, so the architecture evaluation is necessary, the network needs to be more flexible and scalable to cope with a broader range of business domains with a variety of different characteristics. The whitepaper describes the challenges to meet these service demands, and introduce a series key technologies to solve these problems. Finally, here are some feasible solutions to enable typical use cases.

GTI 5G Device RF Component Research Report 22 nd / 02 / 2018

RF FEM is one of the most popular solutions to realize 5G NR RF components, especially for the large volume of high-end devices, due to its smaller layout area, better inter-stage matching, less design inputs, shorter test process and faster time to market. So FEM is a research and development direction worthy of attention.

(New) GTI Sub-6GHz 5G Device Whitepaper_v1.0_20171110 10 th / 11 / 2017

This Whitepaper targets enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) scenario for Sub 6GHz frequency band and contains the key requirements and the hot topics of 5G pre-commercial device, e.g. Form Factor of 5G Device, Multi-Mode Multi-Band, Network Access Capability, Inter-working and Voice Solutions, RF Requirements, Demodulation Performance, Power Consumption and Device Testing, etc. This Whitepaper will benefit 5G industry partners to identify market needs and facilitate development of 5G device industry.

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