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Huawei, MegaFon announce 4G+ data network
2014-02-27 | Source:China Daily

BARCELONA - Russia's most important telecommunications company, MegaFon and Chinese telecommunications giant, Huawei on Tuesday announced the launch of fastest mobile date network in the world at the Mobile World Congress.

Huawei was involved in providing the infrastructure for the network and Wan Biao, a member of the Board of Directors at the company explained they had supplied MegaFon with the latest technology and the necessary equipment, while he thanked Huawei's Russian partner for the confidence they had shown in them for the duration of the development.

MegaFon's Executive Director, Mikhail Dubin in turn thanked Huawei for making the launch of the network possible in a simultaneous press event from both Barcelona and Russia.

This network uses the latest LTE Advanced, category 6 technology and a new concept 4G+, which has been designed specifically to promote MegaFon's mobile internet, which allows users internet connection speeds of 300Mb per second.

At the moment there are no hand held devices which are able to operate at such as fast speed, which would allow users to download a two-hour long film in less than a minute and the 4G+ users access the network through a Huawei router, which would allow them to link up to 332 smartphones or tablets to that device via WiFi.
The recently closed Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, where MegaFon provided wireless connections and sponsorship, played their role in the development of the network, as both Huawei and MegaFon checked and analyzed how this new network functioned in order to modernize it and adapt it for use inn Moscow and other regions of Russia.

The new network is now functioning in the "Garden Ring" in Moscow, but MegaFon intends to expand it into other major Russian cities.
MegaFon is controlled by Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov, although it is part-owned by Sweden's TeliaSonera AB (TLSN).

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