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Working Scope:

5G Innovation Program [New!]

Validate key technology

• Test and trial on E2E system

• Promote industry commercialization

• Study new opportunity and requirement

• Facilitate cross industry innovation

• Demo and promote new services


• Study co-channel deployments and interference management

• Solutions for cost-effective transmission

• Role of Wifi/Unlicensed LTE

• Requirements for support of multi-vendor O&M

Converged LTE TDD/FDD 

• Define use cases and deployments

• Load balancing- methodologies and results

• Requirements of multi-vendor inter-operability

• Carrier Aggregation/Joint operation trial results

• Impact and solutions for co-existence (e.g. Band 7/38)

Network Performance 

• Study solutions/features to deliver coverage& uplink performance

• How to manage co-exitence to other operators

• Dynamic UL/DL balance

• CoMP performance and enhancements, particularly with non-fibre backhaul


• Discussion on technical requirements for VoLTE

• International roaming IOT

Multi-Mode Multi-Band Solution

• Define a common set of LTE bands required by GTI operators in order to support regional deployments and roaming

• Define a common set of multi-mode multi-band devices requirements in order to accelerate devices eco-system, device development and certification process

• Define device configuration parameters in order to facilitate roaming scenario

• Generate whitepaper and product specification for device design

Voice Solution for TD-LTE Handset

• Define a common set of multi-mode dual-standby single-USIM handset requirements in order to accelerate the product R&D, support regional LTE deployments and roaming scenarios, make IOT and certification easier

• Define a white paper that can be shared among GTI members, chipset/terminal vendors, front-end component vendors, infrastructure vendors, and other external partners to facilitate the handset designs

• Guide the vendors to provide multi-mode dual-standby single-USIM handset products

• Release joint testing report of multi-mode dual-standby single-USIM handset products

IOT and Terminal Test

• Joint study on terminal testing technologies, develop common test requirements and test specifications to TD-LTE industry

• Discussion on joint testing activity to reduce test cost and improve test efficiency

• Get agreement on Network Simulator IOT (NS-IOT) requirements and test specifications

• Share terminal test information in TD-LTE industry

Inter-Mode Mobility 

• Push the standardization and implementation of TDD/FDD Inter-Mode Mobility

Innovative Industry Applications and enterprise Business 

• Industry Market Research focusing on Mobile Technology

• Researching and Developing Innovative Industry Applications

• Studying, Analyzing, Researching Enterprise Business in 4G

• Promoting Industrial Development and Co-operation

• Studying personal, home, enterprise products, like Home Gateway etc.

Global Roaming 

• Accelerate the establishment of LTE Roaming among LTE operators

• Provide Key Market & Industry Updates

• Collaborate with Key Industry Groups

Business Models and Funding for TDD Operators 

• Aspire TDD spectrum holders to seek the necessary funding to deploy TD-LTE

• Support TD-LTE only operators to achieve positive cash-flow

• Develop formal approach to gaining Financial Investor interest in TD-LTE operators

• Identify operators seeking funding and solution partners/operators ability to support

3.5G Terminal 

• Facilitate the industrialization of 3.5GHz TD-LTE system

• Promote 3.5GHz device development to accelerate commercial reality

• promote Industry Support and Operator adoption of and migration (from WiMax) to 3.5Ghz TD-LTE

Spectrum Consulting 

• Communicate with the regulators and drive the licensed but unused TDD spectrum to be utilized and the unified TDD allocation for new unpaired band globally

eNB Product Planning & Specification (transferred to HetNet)

• Drive efficiency and cost savings in the infrastructure area with clear product alignment and high level requirements

• Understand primary product classes/type, avoid where possible diversification of similar product types

• Identify and align primary product requirements for each group/class

• Identify key product dependencies and inter-operability requirements

• Seek to deliver product prioritization and indicative deployment timelines

• Identify product holes

• Two main groups, macro & small cell-distributed solutions, micro, pico, femto and active antenna products are all in scope

Coexistence of TD-LTE and LTE FDD (transferred to Converged FDD/TDD)

• Investigate the Band7/ Band 38 TD-LTE and LTE FDD coexistence issues, especially for co-site deployment senario

• Discuss interference scenario and interference mitigation strategies

• Define common operator requirements for eNB and guide network/site deployment strategies

• Define common operator UE/device requirements to facilitate a harmonized 2.6 GHz UE ecosystem that will include Band7 and Band38

Network Planning: Coverage Planning & Solution (transferred to Network Performance)

• Estimation of TD-LTE coverage from influence factors of propagation model and link budget calculation

• TD-LTE trial results sharing on coverage, such as results of different antenna configuration and penetration loss of different frequency, band and materials

• Solutions for indoor coverage from technology, product and network planning in different scenario

Multi-Antenna Solutions & Specifications (MASS) (transferred to Network Performance)

• Common requirements for TDD multi antenna products

• Solutions for compact antenna & co-site antenna requirements

• Aligned multi-antenna field trials and key performance evaluation

• Push more antenna and equipment vendors to build a strong multi antenna products industry

Dynamic eMBMS(transferred to Network Performance)

• Solutions for supporting dynamic eMBMS in TD-LTE

• eMBMS deployment in TD-LTE

• Push supply chain (e.g. chipset) to support eMBMS

Coexistence of WiMAX and LTE (Closed)

• Share trial results for coexistence of WiMAX (Band 41) and LTE (Band7 and Band38)

• Discuss interference scenario and interference mitigation strategies

• Define common operator requirements for eNB vendors and guide network/site deployment strategies

Beamforming (BF) Infrastructure and Antenna Solution (Closed)

• Investigate BF principle

• Study on network gain with BF

• Share field test results with BF

• Study on implementation and networking solution (with antenna solution)

Handover between TD-LTE and LTE FDD (Closed)

• Investigate the use case and scenarios for Handover between LTE TDD and LTE FDD from the operators’ point of view and agree on a way forward

• Guide vendors to provide products which support handover between TD-LTE and LTE FDD

Consumer Electronics Marketing (Closed)

• Develop a target list of OEMs/ODMs

• Educate OEMs/ODMs with necessary information to propel investigation and deliver of TDD-LTE device

• Share important learnings from the OEMs/ODMs

• Leverage channels to communicate to the market and ecosystem

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