GTI Events

GTI will organize a series of activities to bring operators and vendors together for sharing development strategies and technology know-how, expediting the development of terminals and fostering of global roaming and low-cost terminals, etc.


1. Summit

GTI Summits are organized at least twice a year among all the interested companies and organizations. Summits are open to the public to share TD-LTE information among all the interested companies and organizations and promote rapid development of TD-LTE industry and end-to-end eco-system.


2. Leaders Committee Meeting

GTI will organize F2F meeting of Leaders Committee during MWC Barcelona each year, making GTI annual development strategies to promote TD-LTE evolution and to explore new markets, innovative services and business models to lead 5G development.


3. Steering Committee Meeting

Steering Committee Meetings are organized at least twice a year among all Steering Committee members. Steering Committee members will decide strategic issues of GTI operations, review and approve proposals submitted by Secretariat such as work plans, publications, etc.


4. Workshop

Workshops are regularly organized among all GTI companies and other invited companies. Workshop is the venue to share information among participants and address technical issues appearing in the TD-LTE industrialization and commercialization.


5. Expo & Roadshow

TD-LTE Demos are organized to demonstrate the latest progress of TD-LTE ecosystem based on marketing requests and time period of global events.


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