Collaboration in Asia for 5G Spectrum

2016-06-20 14:57:55 | Source:

Organized by GTI (Global TD-LTE Initiative), GSMA (Global Mobile Suppliers Association) and GSA (Global mobile Suppliers Association), “Collaboration in Asia for 5G Spectrum” workshop was successfully held in Shanghai on June 28th, during 2016 MWC (Mobile World Congress). Regulators from China, Japan, South Korea were invited, gathering more than 100 industrial leaders and experts from industry to share their latest spectrum release progress and discuss to find a common approach on spectrum bands for 5G at the next WRC-19 and also to find how suitable are the existing IMT bands (from WRC-15) for deployment of 5G services. RRB Director General from MIIT, Xie Feibo, attended the meeting and delivered an important speech on China's 5G commercial timetable and spectrum planning. According to the discussion, regulators from CJK achieved consensus on that more spectrum including sub-6GHz and high frequency bands are needed for 5G, C-band is the key band of IMT spectrum below 6GHz and harmonization is strongly recommand on 5G spectrum planning. The common ground formed during this summit on spectrum for 5G from the region will have a positive impact and accelerate development and adoption of 5G technologies for both the region and global level. The collaboration among CJK will ensure them as the front runner of 5G in the long run.

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