The 14th GTI Workshop

2015-10-21 10:39:32 | Source:GTI

The 14th GTI (Global TD-LTE Initiative) Workshop took place during Oct. 12-13, 2015 in Budapest, Hungary, gathering more than 66 industrial leaders and experts from 17 operators and 20 industrial partners and organizations to share latest progress and discuss key issues about TD-LTE commercialization, highlighting VoLTE end-to-end solution and deployment and High Power UE on Band 41 to be further addressed through a newly set project.

Operators and vendors also presented updates on eMBMS technology and business models, LTE TDD/FDD convergence, carrier aggregation, 3.5GHz industry and roaming, which provoked intense discussions on common concerns.

In addition, the workshop discussed next 5-year work objectives and actions, aiming to further extend TD-LTE global market with a key focus on emerging markets and converged TDD/FDD commercialization and to make the best of advantageous TDD technologies to embrace 5G.

Click below for presentation slides of this workshop:



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