The 18th GTI Workshop

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The 18th GTI Workshop took place during Feb. 23-24, 2017 in Barcelona, Spain, gathering more than 200 industrial leaders and experts from over 30 operators and 36 industrial partners and organizations to share the latest progress and discuss key issues as 4G evolves towards 5G, such as 4G/5G spectrum planning and coexistence, uplink enhancement, massive MIMO and smooth evolution, 5G Sub-6GHz networking and terminal, cellular IoT industry and trials, cloud robot requirement and solution and etc.  


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As a practice of the refined GTI 2.0 technical work, the workshop also discussed prioritized projects and tasks under programs of 4G and evolution, 5G eMBB, Cellular IoT and Cloud Robot, aiming at concrete outputs by joint effort of the industry to promote substantial development and joint innovation towards 5G.
Click below for presentation slides of this workshop:


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