Mr. Wang Chuanfu

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Mr. Wang Chuanfu

Chairman and President, BYD


Feature Car VS Smart Car
• Feature Car is defined as the car we are using right now; Smart Car is defined as the car in the future.
• Can we make our car more convenient, smarter, safer and then to be Smart Car, through Mobile Internet,Software Eco-system and Intelligent Hardware? I believe we can!

Smart Car Ecology
• Smart Car Ecology is a convergent ecology, a big ecology, a new ecology, which merges smart phone ecology, smart home ecology, smart TV ecology, e-business ecology, intelligent building ecology, even health ecology.
• There are some typical applications of Smart Car: analysis and application on big data, long distance upgrade and data sharing application.
    · In order to ensure the safety of the smart car, we need to work with operators and industry partners on three aspects: network frame, communication safety and protocol safety.
    · As to smart car, the requirements on mobile communication are high efficiency, high synchronism, and high safety.
• All of these scenarios have high demands for bandwidth and latency of mobile communication. So we need 5G help us improve user experience.


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