Mr. Xu Zhijun

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Mr. Xu Zhijun

Rotating CEO, Huawei

GTI made a significant contribution to promote the development of TD-LTE end-to-end industry and global commercialization.

Hope GTI could achieve 2.0 objectives, promoting the development of 5G industry and 5G industry convergence especially in sub-6GHz.

Key drivers of 5G:
• Mobile VR and smart driving will be typical 5G applications
• Wider bandwidth (peak rate > 4.2Gbps) and lower latency (RTT<5~9ms) which 4G cannot support

5G Remains People-centric -- IoT's biggest challenge concerns devices – not networks. A global unified standard – rather than fragmented standards – is in the best interest of the industry.

Huawei will release end-to-end solution for 5G system including network, terminal and chipset, for large-scale commercialization in 2020. Huawei will also provide solutions for some counties to fulfill their 5G requirements in phase 1 (2018) and phase 2 (2019).

"Huawei will actively join all the GTI activities, and we believe GTI will achieve its 2.0 mission with all the industry partners’ joint efforts!"

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