Mr. Luke Ibbetson

2016-06-29 14:48:11 | Source:


Mr. Luke Ibbetson

Head of Strategy and R&D Technology, Vodafone Group


♦ IoT is one of Vodafone’s fastest growing business segments and it has been for the last few years.
♦ Vodafone has selected NB-IoT as its strategic LPWA technology
♦ Vodafone will deploy NB-IoT capability across multiple markets during 2017
    • Over 85% of its LTE 800 network infrastructure supports software upgrade to NB-IoT,  allowing Vodafone to start to rapidly plan for the launch capabilities as soon as next year.
♦ Vodafone’s 2020 goals: all 4G sites with NB-IoT
♦ The mobile industry has united behind NB-IoT as the strategic solution for LPWA
♦ Trials have verified NB-IoT’s capability to offer GSM+20dB coverage and full standard, ‘In Band’ deployment will deliver this coverage

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