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Mr. Francois Cadelon
Senior Partner and Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group

The Impact of 5G on Vertical Industries

1. 5G is an important technology enabler that will enhance existing and enable new IoT applications.
"The real proposal of 5G is the revolution for IoT, and IoT here is in broad sense. It includes the Internet of Vehicles and it includes Industrial Internet."
• Enhanced mobile broadband: Faster and more reliable user experiences
• Massive Internet of Things: Efficient and low-cost communications with deep coverage
• Mission-critical services: Ultra-low latency and high reliability

2. 5G will drive proliferation of IoT and will be important for many verticals.
• Autonomous driving: Much lower latency and higher reliability are required for scalable deployment of self-driving vehicles.
• IoT – logistics & tracking: 5G network scalability will lift logistics & tracking to new maturity level.

3. Mobile network operators need to prepare for 5G –starting developing 5G technology and developing 5G business cases for the different use cases.
• There is still a lot of uncertainty on 5G deployments – despite this uncertainty, operators need to develop robust technology strategies and actively push ecosystem development.

4. Developing 5G for IoT ecosystem is critical on a national scale and not just the Telco industry's responsibility.
• 5G communication unlocks massive value by enhancing or enabling new IoT use cases.
• Monetization of 5G remains yet unclear and could impact the necessary infrastructure investments in the years ahead.
• Governments should consider taking an active role in developing the 5G ecosystem and Gigabit infrastructure.

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