Mr. Zhang Feng

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Mr. Zhang Feng

Chief Engineer, MIIT of China

On behalf of the Chinese government, Mr. Zhang gave an opening speech. At the very beginning, he shared the progress of 4G development in China.

• First, China has built the world’s largest 4G network.
• Second, continues to further promote the enhancement of 4G technology.
• Third, Internet applications innovation is speeding up.
• Fourth, China has made overall 5G R&D arrangement.

As to the future development strategy, he said that MIIT will continue to support TD-LTE evolution and its global commercialization as well as 5G R&D from the following aspects:

• First, promote the 4G evolution and massive deployment.
• Second, speed up 5G research and development, and facilitate integrated innovation.
• Third, emphasize on opening and sharing, and strengthen international cooperation.

"As an important cooperation platform of promoting 4G technology, GTI played a key role in TD-LTE globally commercialization. Afterwards, GTI 2.0 was launched in Feb. 2016, providing a platform for accelerating TD-LTE evolution and 5G R&D and innovation. I hope that GTI could play a greater role in the future in boosting international communication and cooperation at different levels and forms."

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