Mr. Zhao Houlin

2016-03-15 18:43:21 | Source:


Zhao Houlin

Secretary-General, ITU

At the very beginning, Mr. Zhao said the development of mobile broadband is very fast. Up to now, there are 7.3 billion cellular subscribers including 3.4 billion mobile broadband subscribers all over the world. However, there are still 4 billion not connected online yet, and similar number of people waiting for mobile broadband connections. In order to connect more of the unconnected, ITU adopted Connect 2020 Agenda, aiming to additional 1.5 billion connections by 2020.

Next, he shared some important information and key achievements about the World Radio Communication Conference 2015 (WRC-15), which was held in Geneva, Switzerland, from 2 to 27 November 2015.

At last, Mr. Zhao said he witnessed the establishment of GTI in 2011 and affirmed the important contribution of GTI in the past five years for LTE global commercialization and TDD/FDD convergence. Now, GTI 2.0 is kicked off at this conference. He expected GTI to make greater contribution to the further LTE evolution and 5G development in the future.

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