Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal

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Sunil Bharti Mittal

Chairman, Bharti

Bharti Airtel’s choice on TD-LTE
•Faced with extremely expensive spectrum resources in India, Bharti adopted TD-LTE to make the best of its 20MHz of Band 40. 
•Through comprehensive cooperation with China Mobile, Bharti brought best practices of TD-LTE back to India and facilitated Band 40 a preferred band for nationwide deployment.

Significance of HPUE
•Need to promote HPUE on Band 40/41 to ensure that propagation of these particular bands gives us desired results (deep building coverage)

Areas of cooperation with GTI
•LTE-U and LTE TDD Carrier Aggregation ( only  for FDD currently) 
•Carrier Aggregation -  Indian spectrum bands to be defined in standards 
•New spectrum (470MHz – 698MHz) for LTE 
•High power user equipment for improved LTE TDD coverage 
•Narrow Band-LTE for TDD networks 
•Flash CSFB 
•Standardized Interoperability across vendors

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