(NEW)GTI Drive the 5G+AI Development and Fuel Innovation ... 02 nd / 03 / 2018

GTI Summit 2018, with the theme of “5G+AI, Fuel the Innovation”, was successfully held on 27th Feb., 2018 in Barcelona, Spain during Mobile World Congress 2018. Delegates from governments, organizations, operators, vertical and partners attended this summit to discuss how 5G and AI will enable the future innovations to create the intelligent world.

TDD Spectrum and 5G Technology Workshop was successfully held ... 27 th / 09 / 2017

With the success of previous 6 workshops, the 7th TDD Spectrum Workshop (TDD Spectrum and 5G Technology Workshop) was successfully held on the afternoon of Sep. 25 in Busan, Republic of Korea during ITU Telecom World 2017.

Update on GTI Technical Work 08 th / 09 / 2017

Thanks to all GTI Program coordinators and Project/Task leaders, the GTI technical work has been advancing and made achievements as planned. These are some of the latest updates based on conclusion from recent discussions.

GTI Proof of Concept 5G System White Paper ... 11 th / 08 / 2017

This white paper addresses outstanding aspects which are seen fundamental to corresponding work carried out for PoC with inclusion of three subclasses.
- Key performance indexes need to be identified in PoC task
- Substantial features enabling the competence of 5G NR
- Verification configurations and cases of PoC

5G Success, Spectrum First – GTI Highlight ... 12 th / 07 / 2017

GTI host several spectrum events during MWCS 2017 in Shanghai, China, which well promoted TDD spectrum utilization in Asia-Pacific area and global 5G C-band

GTI 5G Cloud Robotics Whitepaper-final-0621 ... 23 rd / 06 / 2017

Cloud robots are controlled from a “brain” in the cloud. The brain, located in a data center, makes use of Artificial Intelligence and other advanced software technologies to deal with tasks that in traditional robots were undertaken by a local, on-board controller. Compared to local robots, cloud robots will generate new value chains, new technologies, new architectures, new experiences and new business models, this white paper will explore these aspects.

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