The 4th TD-LTE Technology and Spectrum Workshop

Report in Collaboration with the GSMA Highlights Best Practice from National 5G Plans

2014-10-13 16:38:33 | Source:GTI


Since 2011, the TD-LTE Technology and Spectrum Workshop has been periodically held as a grand event attracting over 100 regulator officers and highly-influential executives worldwide each time, discussing the most effective solution to maximize spectrum value, and witnessing a miracle of the explosive growth of TD-LTE. 

The upcoming Fourth TD-LTE Technology and Spectrum Workshop, is to explore the most effective spectrum utilization strategy and share industry progress, to strive for global unified spectrum allocation to achieve the biggest ecosystem scale, and to propel the mobile broadband development all over the world. With inspiring speeches on trending topics, there will be plenty more to expect:

1. Spectrum Policy and Planning in Leading Market of LTE
2. Maximizing Value of 2.3GHz, 2.6GHz and 3.5GHz Spectrum
3. Latest Update on Major Market of TD-LTE
4. Value and Superiority of TDD Technologies and Best Practices on a Global Scale
5. Live Demo of Most Luxurious and Most Economical Multi-mode and Multi-band 4G Smartphone
6. Comparison and relationship of TDD and FDD


Registration Guidelines (a) 

The TD-LTE Technology and Spectrum Workshop is one of ITU Telecom World Workshops; All participants shall get a Bronze Pass or higher level passes in order to access the meeting venue. 

Participant can attend the workshop directly if he/she has already get one of the passes available (Leader Pass, Gold Plus Pass, Gold Pass, Silver Pass, Bronze Pass).

For attendees who do not have the pass, GTI can provide free Passes (ITU Bronze Pass) for you. Please kindly fill out the registration form and send it back to GTI Secretariat ( We will offer you a registration code to complete the pass registration. Please follow the guideline below:

Step1: Go to the Registration Homepage at

Find the “Register now” and click on “REGISTER”. 

Step2: Create a user account as follow


Step3: Complete the related information and confirm your account


Step4: After logging in to your account, enter the Registration Code in the Registration Code box, and click on the Confirm button.


Registration process is completed and an email confirmation will be sent to you for fast badge pick-up at the onsite registration desks.

Registration Guidelines (b)

Please note the provided free pass is ITU “Bronze Pass”. If you want more permission or other higher level pass (silver, gold etc.), please register yourself for the passes at ITU Telecom World 2014 following the guideline below.

Step 1: Go to the registration homepage at . Find the “Register now” and click on “PURCHASE


Step 2: Create a user account

Step 3: Complete the related information and confirm your account.


Step4: Chose the pass type you want and finish the payment


Step5: Click “REGISTER” on the registration homepage; Log on your account and finish
the registration with the registration code you received

If you have any question about Registration , please contact:


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