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Thanks to all GTI Program coordinators and Project/Task leaders, the GTI technical work has been advancing and made achievements as planned. These are some of the latest updates based on conclusion from recent discussions.


· 4G Evolution

1) Massive MIMO:
- Completed the commercial launch of Massive MIMO 2.0 in small-scale, the coverage, spectrum efficiency and system performance have improved significantly.
- Suggest summarizing the trial problem and available technology optimization scheme, analyzing how to reduce costs of Massive MIMO, promoting the bottleneck of device industry, jointing instrument industry to research the new test method of Massive MIMO
2) Uplink/Downlink Enhancement:
- Completed the commercial launch of UL CA in scale. Further strengthen terminal support.
- Completed the technical verification and standardization of UDC solution. Follow-up summarize the test results.
- Released the commercial products of Band 41 HPUE. Promote the applications in the other band including Band 40 in the future.
3) Smooth Evolution:
- Have started the preparation of forward compatibility and core network evolution whitepapers.
- Studied on the network device software/hardware smooth evolution to 5G and make the proposal.

· 5G eMBB
1) Sub-6GHz:
- Discussed the key issues of PoC, trial and commercialization.
- Completed the release of PoC whitepaper, and will release the PoC test results during the MWC Barcelona 2018.
- Discussed the application and deployment proposal of 3.5GHz.
- Release the Sub-6GHz pre-commercialization whitepaper in the future and lead the accelerate development of industry.
2) Network Architecture:
- Discussed the network architecture requirements and deployment options.
- Studied on the key issues of network slicing in wireless and core network.
- Output the technical reports on architecture and network slicing, and explore the technical demonstration solution in the future.
3) Test Equipment:
- Based station test equipment will achieve the related capabilities in 2017 H2.
- Device test equipment will provide the related capabilities in the 1-2 subsequent quarters.

· Cloud Robots
- Launched the GTI 5G and Cloud Robot whitepaper.
- Shared the progress of Blind Guiding Helmet Robot’s network performance on 4.5G network and end to end user experience test, and the network requirements of industry, service, and field robots.
- Discussed the progress of cellular indoor/outdoor positioning technology and the opportunities in the future.
- Next step, organize the robot's demand for wireless networks systematically, explore more robot companies and also welcome other partners such as chips vendors to join the GTI cloud robot program, and explore the opportunities of communication enterprises in the field of robot in future artificial intelligence.

· IoT
1) Test and Trial:
- Finished specs for lab and field test, technical verification test, and networking test for three cities. Next the project will further verify new functions and technologies towards commercialization.
- Test equipments for NB-IoT/eMTC are commercial ready with basic functions, and subsequently will support more function and increase performance. 
2) Wireless Solution:
- Studied and discussed deployment strategies of NB-IoT/eMTC, including technology selection, spectrum selection, deployment mode and network construction and etc., as well as started drafting whitepapers.
- Kept tracking TDD NB-IoT standardization process and finished lab test of TDD eMTC.
- Subsequently the project will publish IoT wireless solution whitepaper to lead the development of the industry.
3) Network Architecture:
- Studied and discussed IoT core network deployment strategy, NFV architecture and network capability exposure.
- The project will output whitepaper to guide the industrial development.
4) Device Solution:
- Studied and discussed NB-IoT/eMTC RF requirements, chipset support, architecture selection, low power consumption solution and eSIM solution.
- The project published universal module whitepaper and based on which will promote further industrial support. 
5) Test Certificate:
- Built test and certificate scheme on chipset, module and device, and outputted module test specs.
- The project will output test specs on IoT device, verification report on module test system, and the first certificated module.
6) eSIM:
- Studied and discussed small-sized eSIM, application scenarios and use cases, phased solution, customized remote data access, existing SIM management and more.
- The project will output research report on typical application and key technologies.
7) Open Platform:
- Studied service layer architecture and protocol of IoT system and started drafting whitepaper.
- Analyzed IoT platform requirements, IoT service layer solution, SDK/API and relevant business models.
8) Security:
- Studied lightweight, low-cost IoT authentication and E2E security solution, and evaluated authentication methods and solutions based on various technologies, as well as analyzed IoT device security threads and prepared for drafting whitepaper.


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