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Executive summary   

Terminology and Abbreviation   

1.    Introduction   

2.    IoT Standardization and Function   

2.1.    Cellular IoT Standardization and Function   
2.1.1.    eMTC    eMTC Standardization Background    Principles of eMTC    Comparison of eMTC&LTE    Narrowband configuration    PBCH    MPDCCH    Coverage Enhancement    MIB    SI-BR    Comparison of eMTC TDD & FDD    Future Evolvement of Emtc   
2.1.2.    NB-IoT    NB-IoT Standardization Background    Principles of NB-IoT    NB-IoT deployment modes    NB-IoT downlink    NB-IoT uplink    Comparison of FDD and TDD    Future Evolvement of NB-IoT   
2.1.3.    Cellular IoT Positioning Function    Positioning Extending IoT Scenarios    Smart Agriculture    Bicycle-Sharing    Asset Trackers    Drones    Construction equipment    Fleet management industry    Positioning Technologies for IoT    Satellite Positioning    Mobile Network Enabled Positioning    Radio Frequency Pattern Match    Conclusion   
2.2.    None Cellular IoT Technology   
2.2.1.    LoRa   
2.2.2.    Ultra Narrow Band (Sigfox)   
2.2.3.    RPMA   
2.2.4.    Cellular-Based LPWA   

3.    IoT Network Deployment Strategy and Planning   
3.1.    IoT Network Deployment Strategy   
3.1.1.    Macro Cells    Overview    Technology Selection    Frequency Band Selection    Frequency Point Selection    Deployment Mode Selection    Stand-alone    Guard-band    In-band    Deployment Scale Selection    Spectrum resources    Antenna solutions    Deployment Multi-carrier   
3.1.2.    IoT Small Cells    Scenarios    Areas within Deep Coverage    Logistics Tracking    Deployment if needed with low cost    Function Requirements    NB-IoT Small Cell Function Requirements    Performance Requirements    NB-IoT Small Cell Performance Requirements   
3.2.    IoT Network Planning and Optimization   
3.2.1.    Overview   
3.2.2.    Network Planning    Coverage Planning    Capacity Planning    Frequency Planning   
3.2.3.    Network Optimization    RF Optimization    Radio Parameters Optimization   

4.    Conclusion   



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