R5-188185 Reply LS on 5G NR UE Conformance Test Applicability for 5G S-Modules

2018-12-20 11:31:54 | Source:

3GPP TSG-RAN WG5 Meeting #81                                                                R5-188185

Spokane, United States, 12th Nov 2018 - 16th Nov 2018

Title:                 Reply LS on 5G/NR UE Conformance Test Applicability for 5G S-Modules

Response to:    Input from GTI on “GTI 5G S-Module Whitepaper”

Source:            3GPP TSG RAN WG5

To:                    GTI


Contact Person:    Danni SONG (songdan@chinamobile.com)

Attachments:        R5-188181 - Golden SIG test cases for SA option 2; R5-186822 - RAN5-81 Updated 5GS planning


1. Overall Description:

RAN5 thanks GTI for the input on 5G/NR UE Conformance Test Applicability for 5G S-Modules and the introduction of “GTI 5G S-Module Whitepaper”. RAN5 also appreciates GTI sharing the new industry dynamics of 5G especially on the vertical markets. RAN5 is glad to know GTI has made a good progress on “5G Superior Universal Module (5G S-Module)” and would like to reply about the whitepaper as below

1. The conformance tests developed by RAN5 could be used for 5G S-Modules, and could be chosen/simplified/supplemented as per the usage scenarios.

2. All the communication functions of 5G S-Module which comply with 3GPP requirements could be covered by the 3GPP RAN5 conformance test plan.

As for the relevance and applicability of conformance tests developed by RAN5 for the 5G S-Modules, it is suggested to ask for opinions from GCF which has rich experiences with how the verticals can be included in their certification testing of the mobile part.

RAN5 is also happy to know that the progress in RAN5 could help the industry to accelerate test development required by some GTI operators launching 5G services in the SA network configuration in 2019-2020. During RAN5#81 meeting, RAN5 delivered SA Option 2 Phase 1 RF and Protocol test cases on time, achieving yet another significant milestone in the 5G Conformance Test Development Project. RAN5 also approved the list of protocol test cases applicable to SA (Option 2) in “Golden SIG test cases for SA option 2” (refer R5-188181 attached) as candidates for the initial TTCN implementation. And RAN5 already released SA Option 2 TTCN test cases on 7 Dec 18.

RAN5 also approved the latest update of 5G/NR UE Conformance testing work item phases and target dates in “RAN5-81 Updated 5GS planning” (refer R5-186822 attached). This is a regular output from RAN5 meeting and RAN5 will appreciate it if GTI could regularly share the information about 5G NR test requirements, test case priorities and timelines in the coming months.

RAN5 looks forward to further fruitful cooperation with GTI.

2. Actions:

RAN5 respectfully asks GTI to take above information into consideration.

3. Date of Next TSG-RAN WG5 Meetings:

TSG-RAN5 Meeting#NR Adhoc-4    21st – 25th Jan 2019    Singapore

TSG-RAN5 Meeting#82            25th Feb – 1st Mar 2019    Athens, Greece


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