R5-188185 Reply LS on 5G NR UE Conformance Test Applicability ... 20 th / 12 / 2018

RAN5 thanks GTI for the input on 5G/NR UE Conformance Test Applicability for 5G S-Modules and the introduction of “GTI 5G S-Module Whitepaper”. RAN5 also appreciates GTI sharing the new industry dynamics of 5G especially on the vertical markets.

WPC TDD 2600MHz Report Oct2018_final 09 th / 11 / 2018

There are compelling reasons to allocate additional International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) spectrum including the 700 MHz, 2.3 GHz, 2.6 GHz and 3.5 GHz bands and mmWave spectrum in markets where they have not yet been allocated, and if they available, for 4G and future 5G mobile usage as soon as practicable. This paper’s sole concentration is on the 2.6 GHz spectrum; this key capacity spectrum band is the largest single band of IMT spectrum band below 3 GHz.

GTI Test Solution for MIoT Terminal -Smart Smoke Detector ... 09 th / 11 / 2018

This document defines the test solution for communication capability of NB-IoT smart smoke detector.

GTI NB-IoT Terminal OTA Test Specification V1.0.0 09 th / 11 / 2018

This specification is a part of China Mobile C-IoT device test and certification scheme, to ensure the NB-IoT terminal compliance with China Mobile requirements. The tests are executed on system simulator. This document will be used to guide the execution of NB-IoT terminal testing, and also be used to guide the NB-IoT terminal test system development.

GTI 5G S-Module Whitepaper_v1.0 06 th / 11 / 2018

This whitepaper mainly focuses on the 5G S-Module and has been carried out in several sections in turn. Combined with the standardization status and the industry status of 5G S-Module, the whitepaper analyses the hardware technical requirements, the basic functions requirements, the hardware technical requirements, the electrical interface technical requirements, test &certification and the typical technical solutions for 5G S-Module.

GTI Report on Vertical Requirements for 5G S-Modules and ... 06 th / 11 / 2018

This paper analyzes the current situation of the development of 5G, the status and development of high-speed modules, mainly focused on the research of 5G vertical industry demand, fully communication with all walks of life and research, analyzes the industry for module encapsulation, size, capacity requirements, and summarizes three types of module type: Basic, Smart and All-in-one, to lower the threshold of industrial application and facilitate the rapid application of 5G.

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