GTI-MMMB-Whitepaper-V20D7-clean 28 th / 09 / 2016

This whitepaper identifies and explores the multi-mode multi-band device requirements of wireless network operators and service providers deploying the latest generation of mobile broadband technology, called LTE (Long-Term Evolution), using the time division duplex variant of the standard, known as TD-LTE.

Global Phone Whitepaper_v0.2 28 th / 09 / 2016

This standard specifies the technical aspects of LTE/TD-SCDMA/WCDMA/CDMA/GSM(GPRS) multi-mode single-SIM device and LTE/TD-SCDMA/WCDMA/CDMA/GSM(GPRS) multi-mode dual-SIM device, to ensure that the LTE/TD-SCDMA/WCDMA/CDMA/GSM(GPRS) multi-mode device can meet the needs of network operation and business development.

GTI - TDD spectrum white paper -V3.1 26 th / 09 / 2016

To provide information and suggestions for facilitating the efficient utilization and fast deployment of TD-LTE globally, this white paper summarizes the advantage of TDD spectrum, TDD deployment and product availability. Further, the spectrum related issues in TD-LTE application and network deployment are discussed and the corresponding solutions for the commercial deployment are presented. To facilitate fast development of TD-LTE global deployment, this white paper also proposes some recommendations and suggestions for operators/standardization organizations/regulators.

TDD lighting the Dreams of Digital Consumers ... 12 th / 08 / 2016

【India,Mumbai,29th July 2016】The LTE TDD Summit organized by Huawei in association with COAI and in partnership with GTI was attended by 100+ participants including GTI, GSMA、COAI、Idea、RCOM and other leading operators in the country . This summit themed “Innovating together for a better tomorrow “ provided the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas; also outline the MBB strategy in India to derive the most benefit from LTE TDD as Technology strategy model.

4G Wireless Broadband Opens Up New Era--Smart Home @ Summit ... 12 th / 08 / 2016

[Shanghai, China, June 30, 2016] The Smart Home @ Wireless summit, sponsored by GTI, was attended by participants including Huawei, Nokia, Qualcomm, xxx operators, analysts, and media representatives. This summit provided the opportunity to exchange ideas and outline the strategy to derive the most benefit from the 4G WBB industry.

Survey: Help us improve GTI workshop 21 st / 07 / 2016

For years, GTI Workshop has been held as an important industrial gathering to discuss key issues of TD-LTE, LTE TDD/FDD and itsevolution towards 5G. To ensure continual improvement, we would like to hear your thoughts and suggestions on previous workshopsand GTI’s technical work in general.

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