Microlink launches IoT services in Malaysia

2017-05-16 10:28:58 | Source:Telecompaper

ICT services company Microlink has launched three IoT applications designed to address issues affecting the operations of Malaysia's Flood & Natural Disaster Mitigation, Energy Management and Plantations sectors, reports Telecompaper on May 15, 2017. Microlink's IoT offer includes the "Smart Environmental Management System", "Smart Energy Management System" and "Smart Plantation System".
The Smart Environmental Management System is an IoT service designed to collect, analyze and transmit critical information on rainfall, water levels, humidity etc. to enable better flood prevention and mitigation measures. Microlink believes this service will enable authorities to analyze risk areas and predict potential disasters based on existing data to provide an early warning system. In the event of a flood, the system will be able to transmit relevant information on affected areas with images overlaid onto maps in real time, the company added.
The Smart Energy Management System captures and monitors energy usage from all the devices in a building's power circuit in real time. Data is churned and analyzed to allow building managers to make analytics-backed decisions to manage energy consumption across different sections or buildings. The service can be deployed via web or mobile app. 
The Smart Plantation System is designed to enable farms to operate in a smarter manner by controlling the vital functions that impact overall production quantity and quality of the plantations, such as water usage and irrigation. The system uses a sensing technology run over an IoT platform that feeds farmers information such as temperature, moisture, conductivity, soil nutritional values, which are critical to break or make a successful harvest season.

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