Vodafone Germany Activates 5G Beam Technology

2018-05-17 16:42:09 | Source:Telecompaper

Vodafone Germany has activated its new 5G Beam technology to provide customers with faster and more reliable bandwidth. Vodafone said its 5G Beam is based on intelligent antenna beamforming technology and can connect up to 128 small, specially arranged antennas over the “tiniest” space. Vodafone’s 5G Beam, activated together with Ericsson on the first stations in its network, increases the available upload and download speeds available for users as well as the network’s overall capacity to enable more devices to be connected to it at once. 

Vodafone said it is planning to activate its Beam technology at more locations across Germany and above all in rural regions throughout 2018, as the 5G Beam can be combined with Vodafone’s GigaCube as a substitute for slower DSL connections.

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