Orange Poland, Huawei Launch 5G Base Station in Gliwice

2018-09-14 11:27:27 | Source:Telecompaper

Orange Poland and Huawei have launched a 5G base station in Gliwice. These are the first 5G tests in Poland carried out in the field. The tests conducted outside the laboratory allowed the companies to assess the impact of dense urban buildings, high buildings or atmospheric conditions on the 3.4-3.6 GHz spectrum used. Engineers used a Huawei antenna that supports massive MIMO, consisting of dozens of elements for transmitting and receiving the signal, instead of the previous up to four used for LTE.

In the course of laboratory tests preceding the field tests, a speed of 1.8 Gbps was reached between the transmitting station and the first commercial 5G modem delivered by Huawei. In urban conditions, at larger distances, the data flowed at 1.5 Gbps using a 100 MHz channel. It’s almost 2 times more than can be provided by the fastest Orange base station currently available for customers over LTE. Orange and Huawei plan to conduct further tests in Gliwice to prepare for the implementation of 5G.

Gliwice in Upper Silesia has been chosen for the tests based on the cooperation started in June with Orange on the construction of smart city applications. Orange Poland plans to launch the first 5G commercial access points as early as 2020. 

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