China Mobile 5G Innovation Center, Huawei Demo 8K VR Broadcast

2018-11-08 15:33:07 | Source:Telecompaper

At the fifth World Internet Conference, China Mobile 5G Innovation Center and Huawei have unveiled a 5G network-based 8K VR live broadcast. 8K VR live broadcast was provided courtesy of a 5G network instituted by Zhejiang Mobile, which comprises Huawei developed 5G C-band sites and the core network. 

China Mobile reports that during the demo, the 8K VR 360° camera captured South Lake views and then uploaded the compiled videos for cloud rendering in real time. The scenery videos were then downloaded at an ultra-high 5G speed to VR headsets.

In addition, China Mobile and Huawei jointly verified multiple 5G key services in terms of cell throughput, single-user peak data rate, and user experienced data rate. These two companies also took the opportunity to launch three 5G innovative services with 100 Mbps data rate: 5G 8K VR live broadcast, 8K live broadcast, and in-ambulance telemedicine.

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