Sprint Takes AT&T to Court over 5G Evolution Branding

2019-02-11 14:23:37 | Source:Telecompaper

Sprint is taking AT&T to court for its use of 5GE (5G Evolution) branding, which it says is misleading to people, Endgadget reported. Sprint has filed a lawsuit in federal court, seeking to prevent AT&T from using the 5GE tags on its devices or advertising. 

According to a survey commissioned by Sprint, over half (54%) of consumers believe that "5GE" networks are the same as or better than 5G, while 43 percent think that an AT&T phone they buy today is already 5G capable. As this is not the case, Sprint accused AT&T of tarnishing the reputation of 5G. while it works to build out what it calls a " legitimate early entry into the 5G network space." 

In response to the lawsuit announcement, AT&T said that the name 5G Evolution showed it was an “evolutionary step” to standards-based 5G. The operator said it will fight the lawsuit while continuing to deploy 5G Evolution in addition to standards-based mobile 5G. 

The Verge said Spring was also seeking damages due to the loss of sales it claims it’s suffering as a result of AT&T’s actions.

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