SK Telecom Launches 5G Mobile Edge Computing Open Platform

2019-03-15 13:49:04 | Source:Telecompaper

South Korean operator SK Telecom has launched a ‘Mobile Edge Computing Open Platform’ for 5G data communications. The shortcut is created by installing a small-scale data center at 5G base station or router. With Mobile Edge Computing (MEC), latency is reduced by up to 60 percent, SK Telecom said. SK Telecom plans to open its 5G MEC Platform to allow its enterprise customers to offer related services.

Enterprise customers will be able to connect their service server or data center to SK Telecom’s MEC platform. For instance, through the application of MEC, a smart factory can enhance the response time of robots that run on 5G network. Moreover, SK Telecom will also provide open Application Programming Interfaces to enable companies to develop MEC-based 5G services. Through APIs, developers will be provided with diverse data and functions.

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