Verizon Tests Autonomous Vehicle Safety Features with 5G Network at Mcity Test Facility

2019-09-11 13:55:26 | Source:Telecompaper

Verizon said its 5G Ultra Wideband network is now live at the Mcity Test Facility, located at the Univerisity of Michigan. Verizon said it will be testing different 5G system designed to boost pedestrian safety and avoid car accidents, in the context of autonomous vehicles and smart cities. The test will see the installation of 5G-connected cameras at every intersection inside the Mcity test track to help identify traffic and pedestrian patterns to prevent collisions. Connected cars sensors can help avoid accidents but, cameras connecting to traffic light signals can help protect people walking or biking. 

Verizon is part of Mcity’s ‘leadership circle’ of 11 companies, including General Motors, State Farm and LG, working to help fuel research, development and innovation in vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications. The Mcity Test Facility sits on a 32-acre site on U-M’s North Campus Research Complex, with more than 16 acres of roads and traffic infrastructure. 

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