KT, Hyundai to Develop 5G-based Smart Factory Services

2019-11-08 13:45:25 | Source:Telecompaper

South Korean mobile operator KT and shipbuilding conglomerate Hyundai Heavy Industries Group have teamed up to develop smart factory services based on KT’s 5G network, Yonhap news agency reports. Back in May this year, KT and Hyundai Heavy Industries Group signed a 5G smart factory services deal and since then, the two companies have been working on projects to combine KT’s 5G network, AI and big data technologies with Hyundai Heavy Industries’ robotics and shipbuilding expertise.

Following a 5G network rollout for enterprises in December, KT has been developing business-to-business (B2B) services using its 5G network. On 7 November, senior executives from KT and Hyundai Heavy met at KT’s Seoul office to share the latest technology development, including the automatic robot management system based on cloud computing space, a voice-recognition robot and other smart factory services, and discussed future strategies, the companies said. 

KT said its enterprise-focused 5G network adopts stronger security measures against hacking and provides professional services customized for local manufacturers. With a remote monitoring system and big data analysis, KT claims its smart factory service is designed to detect robots’ abnormal activities and reduce their error rates. 

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