Vendor: Altair Semiconductor


1.Description of the product
• The FourGee-6401 is an RF transceiver IC which serves as a companion chip to Altair’s line of LTE baseband
processors – FourGee-3800, FourGee-1160 and more.
• The FourGee-6401 supports both LTE-TDD and FDD duplex modes supporting 3 concurrent Rx paths and 2
concurrent Tx paths.
2.Differentiation and advantage
• FourGee-6401 includes an integrated power management circuitry allowing direct feed from battery and
eliminating the need for an external PMU.
• The FourGee-6401 is manufactured using low-cost RF-CMOS process technology, and excels in both RF
performance and power efficiency
3.Target market
• This flexible RF-CMOS radio chip is designed for a wide spectrum of applications, from power/cost sensitive IoT and M2M applications
to very high performance, high throughput consumer mobile applications. WiFi/LTE routers, CPE routers, M2M, USB dongles and other embedded devices.


FourGee-6401 - 6x6mm BGA, 0.4mm pitch

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