Anite SAS

Device:Test Instrument

Vendor: Anite


Mobile device testing: interoperability; operator/carrier acceptance
Today, more than ever before, mobile devices need to live up to high expectations.TD-LTE devices will be no exception to this rule.
SAS is the easy-to-use network simulator that helps accelerate the time to market new devices in a cost-effective fashion. As the first product of its kind to be introduced to the market and the leading such product ever since, SAS is the multi-RAT solution of choice for device acceptance and interoperability testing. It is the test solution that Top-10 device manufacturers and Tier-1 network operators trust.
SAS has been proven to provide the following benefits:
. Increased testing time/resource efficiency, thanks to its unique and intuitive graphical interface.
. Significant cost savings, due to its controllable and objective nature
. Competitive advantage for operators and manufacturers who want to launch high-quality new devices first.
With TD-LTE networks and devices to be launched in the near future, the preferred device acceptance/interoperability testing solution can only be SAS. Read the product sheet.


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