Device:Test Instrument

Vendor: Anritsu


The ME7873L LTE RF Conformance Test System is the world’s first GCF-validated RF test platform, supporting the most GCF-approved test cases, for both FDD-LTE and TDD-LTE. The system is configured from Anritsu-developed test instruments, interface hardware, and software. The ME7873L supports TRX, Performance, and RRM test cases. LTE Bands currently supported include FDD 1 to 14, 19 to 21, 24, 25 and TDD 33 to 41.
The easy-to-use GUI supports a search mode for receive and performance tests, automatic termination and retry for failed tests, a signaling log viewer, and simple call processing parameter changes for efficient R&D and certification tests.
Testing of 3GPP TS36.521-1 and TS36.521-3 RRM are supported by the ME7873L. In addition, support for TDD-LTE to TDSCDMA/GSM Inter-RAT tests.

Key Features:
 Largest Number of Validated LTE RF Test Cases in the Industry
 Multiple Hardware Configurations Tailored to Measurement Requirements (for example: TRX full, TRX/Performance, TRX/Performance/RRM)
 Tunable Filtering Supports Multiple Bands with No Hardware Upgrade
 Support parameter changes for efficient R&D test, as well as certification test
 Capable of Inter-RAT Measurements, especially TDD-LTE to TDSCDMA/GSM


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