Device:Test Instrument

Vendor: Anritsu


ME7834 Mobile Device Test Platform
The ME7874 Mobile Device Test Platform provides users with a high performance, flexible set of hardware and software tools and technology that can be configured for a wide range of applications. With user interfaces that include TTCN, C and the unique RTD Graphical Flow Chart tools. It is targeted at chipset and mobile terminal developers, test organizations certifying and verifying mobile terminals, and network operators performing acceptance testing.
There are a number of test packages available for conformance, acceptance testing or as a basis for creating more test coverage.

Key Features and their values:
• Flexible, scalable
Systems can be configured and evolved to meet a wide variety of applications and technologies.
• Support for LTE, UTRAN, GERAN, CDMA2000
• Scalable to grow with requirements
• High performance
Provides features that allow confidence in test results
• High quality, advanced and dependable
• Reliable and robust hardware:Uses MD8430A, MD8480C and/or MD8470A: many developers will already have used the MD8480 and will know how reliable and robust it is.
• Low cost of ownership investment over product lifecycle
• Hardware and software developed by Anritsu as a trusted supplier of test equipment to the worlds leading networks and developers
• Automation: Automation of tests and control of the DUT is provided to speed up testing and avoid human error.
• Installation and commissioning service is available as well as support


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