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GTI Set up “Project 7: 6GHz IMT New Spectrum” to Cultivate a 6GHz E2E IMT Ecosystem for 5G & beyond

2021-08-27 17:51:00| Source:GTI

5G has been experiencing rapid developmentbecome the key enabler to society’s digital transformationnational sustainable economic growth. With the rapid popularity of UHD videoXR services, the data traffic consumption of 5G users will continue to grow. According to the ITU report, the average monthly DOU of mobile users worldwide will reach 250 GB by 2030. In addition, 5G will be widely used in various vertical industry applications. Given the above business requirements, GSMA has stated that each country will still need an additional 1-2GHz mid-band spectrum by 2030, even takingaccount the refarming of the existing spectrum.

Compared with other mid-bands frequencies, the 6 GHz band has fewer incumbentsbetter coexistence conditions. By using the advanced Massive MIMO technology, it can achieve a similar coverage level as C-band while providing much higher capacity because of larger bandwidth. Therefore, IMT identification of the 6 GHz frequency band is the key to the sustainable development of mobile communications in the coming decades.cultivate the E2E ecosystem of the IMT system on 6GHz to satisfy the future demands of 5G-Advanced6G large-scale commercial deployment, GTI decided to set up a new project "Project 7: 6GHz IMT New Spectrum" under the "Program 2: 5G eMBB".

There are 4 tasks in this new project targeting different aspects of 6GHz band:

Task 1: Future spectrum demands:

>Forecast the future trend of the mobile industry: new service, DoU, penetration rate

>Study on the future mid-band spectrum demands for mobile in the 5-10 years for 5G evolution/6G

Task 2: Coexistence with incumbents

>Improve the coexistence condition with FSS/FS: modeling, parameter setting, coexistence study

>Test & simulation verification

Task 3: Performance improvement solution

>Address key challenges for 6GHz nation-wide deployment

>New technology for the improvement on 6GHz band

>Filed test verification

Task 4: Terminal

>Chipset/ Device Development

>Pre-commercial Device & Trial

>Device CertificationIoDT

Active participation from GTI members in the new project is highly appreciated to jointly promote the progress of the 6GHz IMT industry, which in turn would promote the maturity of the E2E ecosystem for the future large-scale commercialization.

To contribute to the projecttask, please contact GTI Secretariat via email to