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Who We Are

GTI was kicked off in February 2011 in Barcelona by Bharti Airtel, China Mobile, Sprint (Clearwire), SoftBank Mobile and Vodafone.


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Achievements (2011-2015)

- Becoming an influential player across the mobile community with global presence with operators and key vendors
- Successfully built global end-to-end TD-LTE ecosystem
- Achieving global commercialization of TD-LTE
- Successful convergence of LTE TDD/FDD


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GTI 2.0

With the support and guidance of 5 Chairmen/CEOs from top operators, Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal (Founder and Chairman of Bharti Enterprises), Mr. Shang Bing (Chairman of China Mobile), Mr. Masayoshi Son (Chairman & CEO of SoftBank Group Corp), Mr. Chang-Gyu Hwang (Chairman and CEO of KT) and Mr. Vittorio Colao (CEO of Vodafone Group Plc), GTI 2.0 was officially launched during the GTI Summit 2016 at the MWC 2016 held in Barcelona, Spain. With the success in making TD-LTE a global standard and the convergence of TDD/FDD, GTI 2.0 will continue to help the whole industry benefit from the evolution of TD-LTE, TDD/FDD converged networks and global smartphones, and promote a unified 5G standard and mature end-to-end ecosystem, as well as explore cross-industry markets and opportunities.


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GTI 2.0 Mission

1. Continuing TD-LTE Global Development
- Continuing to promote TD-LTE global deployment
- Continuing to enlarge the scale of converged TDD/FDD terminal and network
- Further promote the development of TD-LTE enhanced technologies

2. Propel 5G Development
- Promote and utilize the advantages of TDD to facilitate 5G development
- Promote 5G unified standard and end-to-end ecosystem
- Explore 5G cross-industry market and opportunities


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GTI 3.0

GTI 3.0 was launched in 2023 by China Mobile, SoftBank, T-Mobile US and over 20 industry partners to promote continued global cooperation toward greater commercial success.


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GTI 3.0 Three Objectives

- Promote intelligent, efficient, and green 5G-A tech and products
- Foster integration of DICT to support next-gen digital infra
- Enable 5G monetization and value creation


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GTI 3.0 Four Actions

-ACTION 1: Enhance Cross-organizational Cooperation to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with 3GPP, ITU, GSMA and other international standardized and industry organizations
-ACTION 2: Enhance Integration of Digital Technologies And Collaboration with Verticals, and promote technological innovation in 5G, 5G-A and 6G, integration of AI, cloud computing and other digital technologies, to drive forward the digital transformation of vertical industries
-ACTION 3: Promote Solutions And Commercial Practices For Services And Monetization, and provide cost-effective solutions, large-scale applications and innovative business models, to accelerate 5G monetization
-ACTION 4: Promote Innovative Solutions for Low-carbon and Sustainable Development, promote energy-saving technologies and products, and build green digital infrastructure, to enable sustainable development of mobile information industry


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Industry Support to GTI 2.0