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Focus on industry hotspots, share commercial deployment experience and promote the sustainable development of 5G with partners and other organizations.


5G Development Promotion: Matching different 5G needs and driving the global 5G development

Tech Integration Acceleration: Promoting the integration of 5G with new technologies, expanding 5G boundaries

Cost-effective Deployment: Researching cost-effective solutions to meet various deployment needs

5G Application Exploration: Exploring new 5G applications to maximize the 5G values


Group Management: Gaining New Members
  • Invite more operators from different regions to join
  • Expand the scope of industrial cooperation partners
  • Facilitate collaboration with other international organizations
Technology Exploration: Expanding New Capabilities
  • Share commercial experience to facilitate global 5G/5G-A development
  • Emphasize demand-oriented innovation in both technology and service
  • Accelerate cross-domain technology integration and breakthroughs
  • Cooperate with AI Program (if approved by SC) to explore more potence
Industry Influence: Achieving New Improvements
  • Strengthen the release of innovative achievements
  • Organize more diversified exhibition activities
  • Enhance media publicity and achievements promotion


If you would like to participate in any of the programs or for any other questions

please contact GTI Secretariat: