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ADIV NETWORKS NIGERIA LIMITED is a start-up company that was registered in 2012. We were granted operationalspectrum licenses by the appropriate Nigerian agency in 2013. We have signed two agreements with Huawei in 2013 for equipment supplyservicing. We are currently speaking to banks to provide Bank Guarantee before the supply of the equipment.
We are starting deployment in the City of Port Harcourt that has a population of 2 million,estimate our market size to be about 100,000 users. 


afrimax.jpgAfrimax is a private holding company headquartered in the Netherlands with an experienced management team. The company has been positioning itself to become a leading 4G broadband service operator in Sub-Saharan Africa in the next five years.
Afrimax’s TD-LTE operations will help to bring "last mile" communication solutions to the unservedunderserved African population, allowing them to benefit from fastreliable Internet access. The company’s wireless networks will offer various value-added services to both corporateindividual customers, thereby making businesspersonal communications as well as access to informationentertainment substantially easier.
Afrimax has already acquired licensesspectrum assets across 14 countries in Sub-Saharan Africais exploring the acquisition of additional licenses.


Blu Telecommunications

small.jpgBlu is a Ghanaian ownedmanaged telecommunications company utilizing the latest 4G technology to deliver ultra-fast broadband to consumers in Ghana. Blu secured a 4G license from the National Communications Authority of Ghanalaunched its services in October 2014. The company will provide a wide range of telecommunications services including data, voice, WiFi hotspotsvideo on demand services to residentialbusiness subscribers using an ultra-fast 4G LTE network.
Headquartered in Accra, the company is run by a youngvibrant team with over 50 years of collective experience in Technology, ManagementFinance.




iburst.jpgWBS Holdings (Pty) Ltd was established in 1999owns 100 percent of Wireless Business Solutions (Pty) LtdiBurst (Pty) Ltd. Wireless Business Solutions (Pty) Ltd holds the National Mobile Data Telecommunication (NMDT) licensethe South African license for iBurst Mobile Broadband Internet Technology. iBurst (Pty) Ltd is the exclusive service provider company to Wireless Business Solutionshas been in operation since May 1, 2005.

iBurst has recently re-evaluated its vision. The dynamic team driving the iBurst machine has come up with two new passion statements that clearly indicate the determinationcommitment to iBurstits customers. Ask any employeethey will tell you: "iBurst is my business! I make the magic happen."

iBurst is affiliated to iBurst Africa

iBurst Africa has offices in Ghana, Mozambique, the DRCKenya as well as a head office in South Africa. iBurst Africa uses international technology to deliver mobile broadband Internet services in Africa. iBurst Africa has been operational as a wireless Internet service provider in Ghana since 2007is rapidly expanding in Africa with imminent deployments to take place in five other African countries in 2009.



_tiscalilogo-spng.jpgInwi is the third global telecommunications operator in Morocco. It offers a converged fixed, mobileInternet service (branded as « inwi »« bayn »), for the general publicthe enterprise market.

The operator employs close to 1200 staff and, end December 2012 boasted 12 million mobile customers. Inwi is also leader in the fixed line Moroccan market (close to 1.8 million customers)3G Internet (over 586 000 customers). Launched in February 2010, inwi has revolutionized Moroccan habits by opening up telecom services for all, with an approach based on simplicity, proximitythe courage to innovate in the telecommunications market.

MTN Nigeria

MTN Nigeria

Net One

NetOneHorizontal-s.jpgnetone-s.jpgNet One is an Angolan Telecommunications Operator that offers advanced Internet services, with the best quality to meet the needs of our Clients being recognized as a top internet provider in our market

Operating a WIMAX Network, Netone is already paving the way to migrate to a LTE TDD network.  
One of LTE TDD key advantages is to offer broadband services with the guarantee of faster downloads, cleanhigh speed connection. With this new technology we want our Clients to feel special for having a product conceivedcreated to understandmeet their needs, desireschallenges.



Multisource.jpgRain, a new generation 4G network has launched in South Africa with plans to redefine how South Africans use mobile data their costs. Rain is 20% owned by the Patrice Motsepe owned African Rainbow Capital Investments (ARC) among others.  Former FNB CEO, Michael Jordaan is also a shareholder of Rain. Rain offers mobile data priced at 5c per meg (R50 per gig) customers only pay for data they have used at the end of a monthdata will never expire.

Swift Networks Ltd

_tiscalilogo-spng.jpgSwift Networks Limited is a facilities-based telecommunications services provider. The company was founded in 2002 when it bidedobtained a Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) License from Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to provide multi-service broadband connectivity services to businessesresidential subscribers.
Swift Networks Limited has recently attracted foreign direct investment from The International Finance Corporation (IFC), European Investment BankCommonwealth Development Corporation under the Capital Alliance Private Equity II fund scheme managed by Capital Alliance Nigeria. Accordingly, Swift Networks has the requisite financialorganizational resources to become the leading broadband connectivity Services provider in Nigeria.

Telkom Mobile

TelkomTelkom is South Africa’s most powerful ICT solutions provider, with a network that connects all networks across the country.

Telkom launched 2G3G voicedata services in October 2010TD-LTE services in 2013,offers services across pre-paid, post-paidhybrid plans to customers in South Africa.

YooMee Africa(4G Africa)

YooMee4G Africa’s mission is to provide affordable, reliablestate-of-the-art Internet access, voice communicationmultimedia services to all peoplebusinesses in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The company is committed to closing the digital divide. 4G Africa offers broadband wireless network services based on globally standardized 4G technology, designed for both the residentialsmall-to-medium size enterprise (SME) markets in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The first wireless broadband service of 4G Africa was launched in Cameroon under the brand name YooMee. 



21 Vianet Group

netone-s.jpg21Vianet Group, Inc. is a leading carrier-neutral internet data center services provider in China. 21Vianet provides hostingrelated services, managed network services, cloud services, content delivery network services, last-mile wired broadband servicesbusiness VPN services, improving the reliability, securityspeed of its customers’ internet infrastructure. Customers may locate their serversnetworking equipment in 21Vianet’s data centersconnect to China’s internet backbone through 21Vianet’s extensive fiber optic network. In addition, 21Vianet’s proprietary smart routing technology enables customers’ data to be delivered across the internet in a fastermore reliable manner. 21Vianet operates in more than 30 cities throughout China, servicing a diversifiedloyal base of more than 2,000 hosting enterprise customers that span numerous industries ranging from internet companies to government entitiesblue-chip enterprises to small- to mid-sized enterprises.

Amara Communications

Amara Communications Co., Ltd. (ACS)’s business consists of constructing mobile infrastructure, and selling mobile E top-up and top-up cards.  As a leading turnkey solution provider of the telecommunications operation process, ACS’s service includes civil work, tower, power, radio equipment installation, and operation maintenance. We work closely with a range of business partners like MPT, YTP, Ooredoo, Telenor, Huawei, Ericsson, and ZTE.
ACS has newly positioned as internet service provider with the spectrum 2.6 GHz targeting to business and household customers offering high quality and innovative data service.

Arete M

Arete M Pte Ltd is a TD-LTE operator using 1.79GHz-1.80GHz frequency to provide a private dedicated network for mission critical application. The company is also developing a control and application platform to control multiple unmanned machines, unmanned vehicles and mobile robots.

Arete extends a warm welcome to any developers of unmanned machines, unmanned vehicle, mobile robots and/or NB-IoT to join us in a partnership to enhance the platform. The company targets to set Singapore as a reference of a smart nation implementation to the world and can be operating partner to TDD spectrum holders.  

Currently, the main application for our dedicated TD-LTE network is to enhance public safety, security and vertical industries.




Asia Express

Asia Express is an operator of the Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI).

Asia Pacific Telecom

APT-logo-A.pngAsia Pacific, founded in 2000, consolidates its subsidiaries to achieve the ultimate integration of three major broadband businesses: Broadband Fixed Lines, Broadband WirelessBroadband Internet so as to fulfill the commitment of “4G Smart Life” with Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC).

APT provides a convenient intelligent living, which makes it became the leading brand in Taiwan for IoT service.


azqtel.jpgAZQTEL is a wireless broadband operator founded in December 2005 to provide High Speed Broadband Internetother Value Added Services in the Republic of Azerbaijan. The Company launched its 4G broadband services in November 2010 utilizing WiMAX technology under the brand name “Sazz”.

The Company’s services are available in the capital city Bakumetropolitan area, Absheron Peninsula,a number of secondthird tier cities in the regions of the country. In 3 years of operation, the Company has successfully established itself as a major wireless broadband services operator in Azerbaijan. The Company is planning to migrate to TDD-LTE technology in 2014. 


Banglalion Communications

ClearwireBanglalion Communications Ltd (Banglalion) is a leading provider of 4G Wireless Broadband in Bangladesh, bringing the community closer through continuous product innovationsupreme service excellence. Banglalion obtained nationwide license from BTRC to provide Broadband Wireless Access servicesalong with the WiMAX services, Banglalion has recently started rolling out the 4G LTE services for the customers. Banglalion license covers Data, VoiceVideo to maintain market share through cutting edge, sophisticated technologyvalue added services. Banglalion covers 7 divisional headquarters38 major districts of Bangladeshis expanding rapidly, making every next moment better for customers.

Bell Tell Communications Philippines Inc

BellBell Telecommunication Philippines, Inc (BellTel) is a full-service telecommunications company. It is authorized to provide a full range of services throughout the Philippines. 


Bharti Airtel Ltd

BhartiBharti Airtel Limited is a leading global telecommunications company with operations in 19 countries across AsiaAfrica. The company offers mobile voicedata services, fixed lines, high speed broadband, IPTV, DTH, turnkey telecom solutions for enterprises,nationalinternational long distance services to carriers.

Bharti Airtel has been ranked among the six best performing technology companies in the world by Businessweek. It had over 202 million customers across its operations at the end of November 2010. 


China Broadcasting Network

China Mobile Communication Co Ltd

ChinaChina Mobile Communications Corporation ("China Mobile") was founded on April 20, 2000, with a registered capital of 51.8 billion yuan ($8.46 billion)assets of more than 8 trillion yuan. It possesses the largest networkcustomer base in the world.

China Mobile (Hong Kong) Group Limited is wholly-owned by China Mobile. Its holding company, China Mobile Limited ("listed company" for short), has established wholly owned subsidiary companies in 31 provinces (autonomous regionsmunicipalities) as well as Hong Kong. The company is listed on the New York Stock ExchangeHong Kong Stock Exchange. Currently, China Mobile Limited is the world\s largest telecommunications company by market value.

China Mobile has been included in the US’s Fortune magazine Global 500 list for 10 consecutive years. Its most recent ranking was 77th. With its brand value rising, it has been named one of the world\s most powerful brands by the Financial Times for four consecutive years. In addition, it was recognized on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for two consecutive years as the only company selected from the Chinese Mainland.


China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited

China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited is the wholly-owned subsidiary of China Mobile Limited, listed company of The Fortune Global 500 CMHK was incepted in January 1997 and was the first mobile network operator to launch PCS services in Hong Kong.

Maintaining the world's largest customer base for its mobile network services, the company offers innovative and comprehensive communications services, including voice, data, IDD and international roaming through 5G, 4G LTE and 3GHSPA and other technologies. The company is committed to the development of 5G with new technologies such as artificial intelligence, internet of things, cloud computing and big data, integrating 5G applications in different industries, and promoting the construction and development of smart city groups in the Greater Bay Area.

China Telecom


China Telecommunications Corporation (China Telecom) is one of the largest telecom operators in China, providing telecom services to more than 330 million customers (170m for mobile customers160m for fixed-line customers)across the country.
China Telecom\s main businesses currently include: operating all kinds of domesticinternational telecom services from its fixed line telecom networksthe CDMA network, providing telecom network-based voice, data, image, multimediainformation services, mobile serviceroaming services,also including system integration, technology development, technical service/advice, information service consultation, designingimplementing telecom projects, etc.

China Unicom


China United Network Communications Group Co.,Ltd ("China Unicom") was officially established on 6 January 2009 on the basis of the merger of former China Netcomformer China Unicom. It has subsidiaries in 31 provinces (autonomous regionsmunicipalities) across Chinamany countriesregions around the world.




Established in October 1981, CTM has been the leading telecom service provider in Macau offering a full range of professional telecommunication services including mobile, fixed telephony, fibre broadband,enterprise solutions. CTM has eight shops offering a wide variety of telecom products,a range of customer services. The major shareholder is CITIC Telecom International with 99% of the shares, while Macao Postal Savings holds 1%.

Rooted in Macau for decades, CTM has always grown in step with the city by actively fulfilling its investment commitmentsleading the development of the local telecom industry. By continually introducingdeveloping cutting edge IT applications, CTM is determined to achieve its ultimate goal of creating a Digital Macaubuilding a smart city which is not only a leader in the region, but also worldwide. CTM strives to popularise technology applications in the Macau community as well as boosting the diversified competitiveness of the city.

With the support of its major shareholder, CTM has achieved full fibre broadband coverage in Macau,is now focusing on the construction of the Internet-of-thingsthe development of 5G. With a reliablestable network infrastructure,by putting increasing levels of effortdeveloping smart applications for daily usage, CTM is determined to realise a smart living environment between peoplethings,between thingsInternet.


Cybernet.jpgEstablished in 1997, Cybernet is a leading Internetdata communication network service provider in Pakistan. The company focuses on providing specialized solutions for different enterprise verticals with end-to-end solutions including single-sitemulti-site dataInternet connectivity solutions, localinternational VPN solutions, backhauling solutionsdata center services.

The company has offices in 20 cities, offering various technology services to more than 7,000 corporate customers in 52 citiestowns in Pakistan. The company offers a range of connectivity options to its enterprise clients from fixed lines, GPON, metroethernetDSL, to wireless solutions such as radioWiMAX based services. The company also operates two VSAT ground stations to provide connectivity to the far reaches of Pakistan.

The company obtained, through auction, a spectrum lease of 21 MHz in 3.5 GHz in KTR, ITRLTR regions (which include Pakistan\s largest cities Karachi, Lahorethe twin cities of Islamabad/Rawalpindi), markets where it is actively considering deployment of TD-LTE. 


DNB-Digital Nasional Berhad

Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB) was established in 2021 to accelerate the deployment of 5G infrastructure and network in Malaysia, to spur economic activity, promote service-based competition within the communications industry and bridge the urban-rural digital divide. Malaysia’s 5G rollout is one of the fastest in the world, with DNB set to achieve ~80% coverage of populated area by end-2023. With an estimated RM150 billion GDP impact and 750,000 high skilled jobs created in 2030, 5G will drive efficiencies, increase productivity, and create new opportunities throughout the entire economy.

For further information on DNB, visit  

DOCOMO Beijing Communications Laboratories

NTT DOCOMO is a mobile communication operator engaged in world-leading researchdevelopment,has always been a global leader in the development of mobile communication technology. As a powerful driver of innovation at DOCOMO, the vision of DOCOMO Beijing Communications Laboratories entails a wireless+AI two-pronged approach, creating a win-win situation, enriching people’s livesdriving industry innovation. Upholding the concept of continuous day-to-day improvement in innovation, we continue to embrace new challenges.

Fanoos Telecom

fanoos.jpgAs a sister company to Asiacell we have a longstrong heritage in Telecommunications. Fanoos\ license from the National regulator enables us to provide voicebroadband data services across the Northern Governorates of Iraqwe are very proud of our achievements to date.

We have the very good fortune to be working in a high growth industry which is exciting. It is also an industry that is transformational making our work rewardingeven more exciting. Fanoos Telecom is a leading provider of landlineinternet services to people in seven governorates of Iraq. The company is the leader in fixed wireless telephony.

Fanoos Telecom launched the first ever wireless telephony service in Northern Iraq in 2005 Since its foundation in 2005, Fanoos has tried hard to maintain its reputation as a leading company in the region. We have kept the promise of providing low-costhigh-quality services to our customerskeeping the “Always Closer” slogan alive. As a company on the move, Fanoos launched MAXNET service in 2011changed the concept of the real Internet in the Area, which is delivering the Internet speed to the customers that they request. 


Far EasTone

FarIn January 1997, Far EasTone acquired two wireless (GSM 900GSM 1800) service licenses. A year later, in January 1998, it officially launched these servicesmade its foraythe telecom industry.

In March 1999, after 14 months, the total number of Far EasTone’s subscribers crossed the 1 million mark, smashing the world record for gaining the most GSM customers within the shortest amount of time. Without a doubt, Far EasTone has left an indelible mark on the international telecommunications landscape. In December 2001, the company was listed on the Taiwan OTC Stock Exchange (ticker code: 4904)subsequently, in August 2005, gained a seat on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in the electronics sector.

In March 2006, Standard & Poor\sTaiwan Ratings upgraded Far EasTone’s long-term corporate credit rating to A-twAA+, respectively, a clear signal of confidence in Far EasTone’s strong financial performance. In 20072008, Far EasTone was twice recognized for its “Best Corporate Governance in Taiwan” by Finance Asia Magazine. Additionally, in 2009, Far EasTone was recognized for its “Best Corporate Social Responsibility”“Best Investor Relationship” in the magazine’s ninth yearly survey of Top Asia Companies. These accolades all point to one thing - that Far EasTone’s dedication to stringent governanceactive involvement as a socially responsible corporate citizen are well acknowledged by industry observersauthorities.

Far EasTone, as a leading wireless broadband operator in Taiwan, is now moving4G deployment. It hopes to provide the best broadband service via its partnership with not only China Mobile but all interested parties.


First Media

FirstFirst Media is a leading broadband network service company in Indonesia. Since 2000, First Media has been operating cable broadband network services, which are simultaneously used in the business of pay TV broadcasting. In 2010, First Media started offering wireless broadband network services using TD-LTE technology.

In 2011, First Media launched new products such as video-on-demand (VOD), 3D TV, a new music channel, the Berita Satu Channel, TV filmsadvertisement content. Its FastNet offers Internet service at speeds of up to 30 Mbps. First Media has made DataComm one of its leading data communication platforms.


FITEL (close-down)

FITEL.jpgFirst International Telecom Corp (FITEL) possesses extensive operational experience in mobile communications systemsis dedicated to upholding the principles of service, quality, technological advancementprofessionalism. Its shareholders include FIC Global, Shin Kong Group, Taiwan Secom, InventecWistron NeWeb. In addition to standard individual subscribers, FITEL’s long-termloyal customer base in Taiwan is comprised of corporationsother prominent institutions from the high-tech, medical, securitygas industries.

Because it maintains low levels of electromagnetic radiation, the PHS system is the principal telecommunications system adopted by hospitals in Japan. Therefore, FITEL has become a symbol of healthsafety in Taiwan’s telecom market. As technology continues to evolve, FITEL has made efforts to take advantage of business opportunitiesenhance the company’s competitiveness in the market. An example of this is FITEL’s implementation of WiMAX networks in TaipeiHsinchu.

In addition, in March 2010, FITEL obtained another license to operate wireless broadband access services in northern Taiwan, an endeavor the company believes to be full of considerable development potential. The frequency band that FITEL has been allocated (2,565 to 2,595 MHz) also falls within the range applicable to TD-LTE as established by the International Telecommunication(ITU). This will put FITEL in an advantageous position to implement networks that offer a “4G Intelligent Lifestyle” to customers. FITEL will operate low-power voicedata services on the 1,900-MHz banduse 4G technology for audiovisual data services. In the future, FITEL will link operations with terminal device manufacturersthe application services industry to provide total solutions for subscribers. 


Global Mobile

GlobalGlobal Mobile is a leading edge 4G mobile broadband service provider that provides state-of-the-art telecommunication services to customers. Its investors consist of end-to-end WiMAX ecosystem partners who share the vision of providing next-generation mobile Internet serviceinnovative applications to consumersbusinesses.

Built upon a strong partnership of electronic manufacturersretail conglomerates, Global Mobile\s management team has strengthened its ability to speed the convergence of mobile broadband, Internettelephony services. In addition, an alliance of more than 25 content providers in the broadcast, mediagaming industry was created to ensure the richness of the company’s service offerings.

Global Mobile is committed to providing high-valueintuitive applicationsservices by building the nation’s most advancedreliable 4G network. Customers will experience a new mobile lifestyle that is convenientfilled with enriched breakthrough content. Global Mobile will earn customer trustloyalty with uncompromised commitment to its core values - innovation, integritytrustworthiness. 


Globe Telecom

1.pngGlobe Telecom is a leading full service telecommunications company in the Philippines, serving the needs of consumersbusinesses across an entire suite of productsservices including mobile, fixed, broadband, data connections, internetmanaged services. Its principals are Ayala CorporationSingTel who are acknowledged industry leaders in the countryin the region. For more information, visit Follow us on Twitter:”

Indochina Telecom

IndochinaIndochina Telecom Joint Stock Company (Indochina Telecom), established in 2008, is one of the five first-tier operators according to the Vietnam Telecom Law.

Indochina Telecom is a pioneer in providing 4G service holding TDD 2.5GHz spectrum with 40MHz frequency bands. The first 4G service in Vietnam was launched by Indochina Telecom in 2012. 


Integrated Telecom

image001[1]-High.jpgIntegrated Telecom Company (ITC) is a leading Saudi based telecom provider established in 2005. Since then, ITC has grownone of today\s fastest-growing telecom companies offering next-generation solutions for broadband, connectivity, cloud computing, managed services, satellite servicesinternet services for businesses, wholesaleconsumers segments.
ITC owns DSP, ISPVSAT license as well as an independent infrastructure that includes two international landing stations in Al-KhobarJeddah connecting the Kingdom to the rest of the world through submarine cables. These gateways are in turn connected to all cities in the Kingdom through our 17,000-kilometer Saudi National Fiber Network (SNFN).



It was back in 2007 when Itisaluna was founded in Baghdad as one of the first providers of voicedata services in Iraq.

Using the latest CDMA technology;depending on a huge network covering more than 90% of Iraq, Itisaluna has managed to provide high-classaffordable services in both voicedata to more than 500k residentialbusiness subscribers all over Iraq.

Lately,as the demand on data services has been increasing, Itisaluna has started providing comprehensive business solutions to large corporations in both voicedata using various technologies aiming to meet the growing market needs.


JASPAS is a regional TD-LTE (BWA) operator in downtown Tokyo, Japan. It provides “community-based” services, which includes disaster communication, cashless payment systemwireless internet. It has NW shearing with SoftBank (WCP) to enable itself small smart with lower risk. 


KDDI-logo.jpgKDDI wishes to design the everyday lifesociety that lie beyond the services provided by us to bring you newerricher lives.
The combination of KDDI resources such as fixed-line phones, mobile phones, infrastructurepeople produces flexible creativity. With such creativityan ability to take bold actions, KDDI strives to create flexibleinnovative values where societypeople are united.



KT.jpgKT Powertel is Korea’s only TRS (Trunked Radio System) spectrum telecommunication operator. It provides powerful radio communication functions optimized for command, controlannouncement.

The TRS service of KT Powertel is widely used by public agencies, manufacturers,distributionlogistics industries as their essential mobile telecommunication tool for successful business. 


Lanka Bell

1LankaLanka Bell is a world class telecommunications operator providing a full range of telecommunication solutions to its corporate, SMEresidential customers across Sri Lanka, supported by a team of professionals with international expertiselocal knowledge.

As landing partner for the Falcon submarine cable network in Sri Lanka, Lanka Bell ownsoperates a totally independent Cable Landing Station thus providing truly diverse international datavoice solutionshas access to the cable systemsPoPs of GCX.
The launch of 4G further enrichesenhances Lanka Bell’s product offeringtakes it to the next level.

LG Uplus

image001[1]-High.jpgSince its foundation in July 11th, 1996, LG Uplus has strived to create meaningful changes in customers’ lives through Triple Play Service (TPS), a service that includes telecommunication service, ultra-high speed Internet, VolPIPTV Service,through data service business. In 2012, LG Uplus launched 100% single nationwide LTE-A service for the first time in the world, providing high speed·top quality service to customers. In the upcoming era of 5G·IoT, our mission is to create a new value of life that adds composure, happinessconvenience to customers’ daily lives.


image001[1]-High.jpgEstablished in 2003, Menatelecom is a subsidiary of Kuwait Finance House-Bahrain (KFHB)is a leading provider of telecommunication services in the Kingdom of Bahrain. With its large bouquet of unique products,while accumulating over 80,000 subscribers which is 30% of the broadband subscriber market in the Kingdom of Bahrain within three years of its commercial roll-out of Wireless-based voicedata services, Menatelecom has received both local international awards by CommsMEA as the Internet service provider of the year 2009 in the Middle EastAfrica.


image001[1]-High.jpgMobilink was a trade name of Pakistan Mobile Communications Limited (PMCL), a mobile operator in Pakistan providing a range of prepaidpostpaid voicedata telecommunication services to both individualcorporate subscribers. Its head office is in Islamabad,the current PresidentCEO is Aamir Ibrahim. The network claims to have been the first GSM-based mobile operator in South Asia.


Mobily1.jpgEtihad Etisalat (Mobily) was established in 2004 by a consortium led by Etisalat, the UAE-based telecom conglomerate. Mobily is the official brand name of Etihad Etisalat, renowned as the second mobile service provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Its awarded 25-year telecommunication mobile license was complemented by a subsequent purchase of a 3G license. Mobily is the first Saudi communications company to get an operation license for third-generation servicesbeyond. In December 2004, Mobily was listed on the Tadawul Stock Exchange. Today, Mobily equates to 40 percent plus market share of mobile subscriptions in the kingdom.

In March 2008, Mobily was granted approval by the CITC (CommunicationInformation Technology Commission) to acquire Bayanat Al-Oula, which was a licensed data service provider, for a price of SAR1.5 billion ($400 million). In November 2008, Mobily acquired absolute majority stakes in Zajil, the leading Saudi Internet service provider.

Mobily owns vast majority shares in the Saudi National Fiber Network (SNFN), composed of 12,800 km of structured fiber cablepannedseven fully protected rings covering 35 Saudi cities with access to 60 major hub sites for telecommunications prime points of presence. The network is complimented with 20 inter-metropolis fiber loops in major Saudi cities. Furthermore, Mobily is a lead investor in prime global submarine cable projects that are expected to be operational in the near future.


MobinNet Telecom Co.

MobinnetMobinNet Telecom Co. is the largest nationwide wireless broadband (4G-WiMAX) operator in Iran with 700,000 subscribers across 130 cities of the 31 Provinces. MobinNet provides a range of services including broadband Internet access, VoIP,VPN for both homebusiness users. Many different services based on the nationwide MobinNet Network are provided for the largest companiesorganizations in the country. Due to high security, reliabilityavailability of the network, MobinNet Telecom is recognized as the market leader of wireless broadband service provider in Iran. Recently, MobinNet has decided to expand itsnationwide network to TD-LTE according to globaltrend on 3GPP LTE standard.

MTN Dubai

MTN Dubai

mu Space Corp

海威华芯.jpgThailand-based spacesatellite company mu Space Corp was formed on 21 June 2017. The company operates three business segments: Satellite, Digital Park, Space Tourism.
mu Space delivers reliable satellite-based broadband, mobile broadcasting solutions for telcosbusinesses in Thailand. The company also supports governments in their digital transformation efforts. It provides a full suite of connectivity solutions designed to provide the broadestfastest technologies, bringing connectivity in rural areasmaking smart cities more sustainable.
In the coming years, mu Space plans to expand its business across Asia, the USEurope. The company targets in 2020 to launchspace a high throughputlow latency geosynchronous earth orbit satellite aboard Blue Origin’s space vehicle New Glenn. Moreover, it aims to lead the provision of commercial space travel in Asia-Pacific.


Sprint.jpgAllai Newroz Telecom is a private company founded in 2007 which consider a leading provider for a wide variety of telecom services; voicedata In Kurdistan region.
Allai Newroz Telecom has ultimate goal to built state-of- the-art telecom infrastructureease the life of its customersdelivers a wide-range of carrier services.
Unlike others, Allai Nawroz Telecom plans its strategy based on the customers\ needsambitions.We consider our real opportunity it supporting our customer\s growthhelping them maximizing their profit.


omantel1.jpgOmantel is a pioneer of total communications solutions in the Sultanate of Oman. It offers the widest choice of state of the art services with the broadest network coverage.

Omantel (as both OmantelOman Mobile) has offered a full spectrum of telecommunications solutions to the peoplebusinesses of Oman since the 1970s. Over the years, as the pioneering telecommunications supplier, it has strived to connect even the most remote communities to each otherto the rest of the world. As a pillar of the Omani economy, Omantel has been a leading player in Oman’s progressnational development.


Pacific Bangladesh Telecom

Sprint.jpgCitycell (Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited) was the oldest mobile operator of Bangladesh. It was the only mobile operator in the country using CDMAEVDO technology. As of August 2016, Citycell\s total mobile subscriber base is 0.142 million.  Citycell is currently owned by SingTel (44.54%), Pacific Motors (37.95%)Far East Telecom (17.51%). It is the smallest mobile operator of Bangladesh in terms of subscribers.

Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

PacketPacket One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (P1), a subsidiary of Green Packet Berhad, is Malaysia\s firstleading 4G telecommunications company with the country\s widest WiMAX coverage. P1 4G represents the first large-scale commercial 4G WiMAX deployment in Southeast Asia,the first large-scale deployment of an 802.16e 2.3GHz WiMAX network outside Korea.

P1\s goal is to bridge the digital divide by making access to the Internet universal, ubiquitousaffordable for every Malaysian. P1 hopes to play a major part in realizing the nation\s goal of providing broadband for all.

P1 is the winner of Red Herring Asia\s Most Innovative Private Technology Company award in 2008was listed in the Malaysia Book of Records as Malaysia\s first WiMAX telco (August 2008). In 2009, P1 bagged the MSC Malaysia APICTA Best of Start-Up Companies award.

P1 was awarded the 2010 Most Promising Service Provider of the Year award by the prestigious 2010 Frost & Sullivan Malaysia Telecoms Awards. P1\s "Sudah Potong?" ad campaign won a gold prize at the highly coveted 2010 Malaysia Effie Awards.

P1 is the converged communications pillar of Green Packet Berhad, which was founded in 2000 in Silicon Valley. Green Packet Berhad is now headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,is listed on the main board of the Malaysian bourse. It has over 1,000 employees with nine operations across the globe.



Sprint.jpgHKT (HongKong Stock Exchange listing code: 6823) is Hong Kong\s premier telecommunications service providera leading operator in fixed-line, broadbandmobile communications services. It meets the needs of the Hong Kong public as well as localinternational businesses, via a wide range of services including local telephony, local databroadband, international telecommunications, mobile,other telecommunications businesses such as customer premises equipment sales, outsourcing, consultancy,customer communication centers. HKT is headquartered in Hong Kong, with operations in mainland Chinaother parts of the world.
HKT is a leading one-stop ICT service provider in mainland ChinaHong Kongadheres to the "Here to Serve" philosophy.



PT Internux

PT.PT Internux was established in October 2000 as one of the Telecommunications Network Operators. The company is engaged primarily in the provision of Internet access (internet service provider).

In 2009, it was awarded BWA (broadband wireless access) through a tender held by the Indonesian Minister of CommunicationsInformation that allowed Internux to use the spectrum frequency 2.3 GHz for the deployment of WiMAX technology.

In 2013, PT Internux took the initiative to upgrade its WiMAX network to the most state-of-the-art technology in pursuing full 4G mobility. PT Internux is committed to providing best in-class, innovative broadband Internet connectivity solutions. 


PT Smartfren Telecom Tbk


PT Smartfren Telecom Tbk is one of the leading telecommunication service providers in Indonesia for retailcorporate segment. Smartfren began operations in 2011 in Indonesia. In 2015, Smartfren launched the first 4G LTE advance service in Indonesiabecame the leading 4G service provider that currently has the widest 4G LTE coverage in Indonesia.

In the beginning of 2016, Smartfren became the first Indonesian telecommunication company that provides Voice over LTE service (known as VoLTE). It also became the communication company that has the widest 4G LTE Advance service in Indonesia.


bercaStarting operations in February 2012, Wigo is a pioneer that provides 4G broadband services in Indonesia. Wigo holds the TDD 2.3GHz spectrum with 30MHz bandwidth in Indonesia. Wigo is a 4G broadband wireless service provider. It offers services to both residentialbusiness customerscovers the main islands in Indonesia: Sumatera, Kalimantan, South Sulawesi, BaliNusa Tenggara. The total area has a population of roughly 100 million.

Today Wigo deploys network infrastructure using WiMAX 16.e technology supplied by HuaweiZTE. Wigo planned to deploy TD-LTE A by early 2013 to cope with the changing ecosystem in the region.It also supports the government\s goal to close the digital divide by providing broadband Internet services at affordable price for all Indonesians. 


PT. Corbec Communication

PT. Corbec Communication is an operator of the Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI).

Qubee (Augere Pakistan)

QUBEE.jpgAugere was established in September 2007 by an experienced team of global telecom executives with the vision of delivering "Broadband for all” targeting emerging markets.

Augere’s first commercial wireless network was launched under the Qubee brand in Pakistan in July 2009, which is providing fast, reliable & competitively priced broadband internet & other telecom services to residential, small business & corporate customers across Pakistan.

Qubee Pakistan has more than 75,000 thousand subscribers operating based on WiMAX based network readily upgradeable to TDD LTE.


Qubee (Augere Wireless Broadband Bangladesh Limited.)


QUBEE is one of the leading broadband internet service providers in Bangladesh from Augere Wireless Broadband Bangladesh Ltd. We are a multinational with global experience, offering you trouble-free access to the internet that you deserve. Our efforts are always to provide best in class internet service for the users in Bangladesh. Our network is now available in over 20 districts in the Bangladesh. Apart from being the first to launch 4G ready network, we have revolutionized how internet was used by home users using wireless broadband the core of our company, we strongly believe this technology can be yours to bring delight to your everyday life.

Rakuten Mobile

Rakuten1.jpgRakuten Mobile began providing its MVNO service “Rakuten Mobile” in October 2014. Since launch, it has expanded its number of subscribersnow holds the top share in the Japanese domestic MVNO market. By leveraging the synergies between the diverse lineup of services offered by the Rakuten Groupthe Rakuten Super Points loyalty program, Rakuten Mobile aims to provide a value-added mobile service to its subscribers. Revenue from the business has expanded 6-fold since the launch of the service,there are now more than 500 Rakuten Mobile shops nationwide (as of May 10, 2019).



Reliance Jio is India’s only nationwide all-IP wireless network, delivering 4G voice, video,data services across the country. Jio is the only major operator to build a completely greenfield wireless network from the ground-up based on a foundation of TD-LTE technology. Jio launched commercial services on the 5th of September 2016.

With an initial build of over 800,000 remote radio heads, Jio launched covering 18,000 citiestowns. The network has been designed to be “future proof”, supporting a simple migration to 5Gbeyond, as well as easily expanding to new locationsaugmenting capacity on-demand. By March, it is planned for Jio to cover 90% of India’s 1.2 billion plus population with TD-LTE.

Saudi Telecom Co. (STC)

STC_副本.jpgSTC Group is a leading integrated telecommunications operator,with a solid presence in the Middle East, AsiaAfrica. Since the launch of its mobile services in the Saudi market in 1998,STC has led significant growth in the telecommunication sector through offering a myriad of attractive fixed line, mobile 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, broadband, IPTVother trend-setting services to its customer segments.

In 2007, STC Group completed its transformation from a local operator to one of the largest international integrated communication companies. Today, STC Group serves 160 million customers with yearly revenue of SAR56,219 billionis the leading telecom operator in the Middle EastNorth Africa region based on market capitalization, total revenuenumber of employees. It is also ranked among the top 14 mobile networks of the world as per international ranking bodies.

STC Group global footprint covers the following ten countries: KSA, Kuwait, Bahrain, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa, Turkey, India, JordanLebanon.

Through its state-of-the-art offeringsits social programs, STC is a significant driver of positive change in the lives of the community constituents it serves.

Sharing Mobile


Sharing Mobile Group was founded in 2006has been the well-known domestic mobile communication business solution provider,has always focused on the field of mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data platform research, developmentoperational support. After purchasing the GiCell mobile company in Nigeria in early 2016, sharing mobile group becomes a basic telecom operatorwill provide a serial of service in mobileinternet industry.The company core culture is “Sharing with Others"is committed to share our knowledgeexperienceprovide services to the whole mobileinternet industry.   




SK Telecom

SKSince its establishment in 1984, SK Telecom continues to deliver more beneficial, highly supplicated services to maximize customer value. Over the last two decades, the company has pioneered a series of historic breakthroughs, from the world\s first CDMA commercialization to the world\s first CDMA 2000 1x, 1X EV-DOHSDPA services.

This technological leadership has transformed the companythe undisputed leader in the Korean telecommunications markethas enabled it to launch the first LTE service in Korea. Facing a new paradigm of convergence, SK Telecom is poised to continue to lead advanced technologiescreate a new mobile culture in the spirit of challengeinnovation.

A broad spectrum of convergence services will serve as bridgeheads for the construction of a more convenientbountiful future society, leading customersa marvelous, ubiquitous world.


SMART Communications

smart.jpgSmart Communications, Inc. (Smart) is the Philippines\ leading wireless services provider. It is a wholly owned subsidiary by the country’s leading telecommunications carrier, the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT).

Smart has built a reputation for innovation, having introduced world-first wireless offerings such as Smart Money (electronic wallet), Smart Load (prepaid airtime electronic retail service)Smart Padala(electronic remittance). Smart offers GSM, 3G4G services, while its satellite service Smart Link provides communications to the global maritime industry. Smart Broadband, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary offers wireless broadband service.



SoftbankSoftBank is a leading Internet company that aims to provide a range of services including mobile communications, broadband infrastructure, fixed-line telecommunications, Internet cultureothers. Softbank continuously strives to create synergies among various contentservices within the group.



StarHubStarHub is a fully integrated info-communications company that operates multiple advanced networks, providing mobile, pay TV (High-Definition TV, on-demand servicesInternet TV), broadbandfixed services for both consumercorporate markets in Singapore. Over Singapore’s NBN, StarHub offers a range of homebusiness broadband plans as well as commercialresidential IPTV services. StarHub is the pioneer in “hubbing” – the ability to deliver unique integratedconverged services to all its customers, across all platforms.

Please visit for more information.

Taiwan Mobile

Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd., incorporated in the Republic of China("ROC") in 1997, is a leading telecommunications company in logo-s.jpgTaiwan offering "Quadruple Play" services – covering mobile, fixed-line, cable TVbroadband. The Company launched three brands – "Taiwan Mobile", "TWM Broadband""TWM Solution" – to promote its Quadruple Play services for the consumer, householdenterprise markets. It was the first private telecommunications company to go publicthe first wireless operator to launch 3G services using Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA) technology.

The Company has, for more than 10 years, won extensive recognition at homeabroad for its outstanding performance in information security management, customer service, corporate governancecorporate social responsibility. It has been recognized as one of the most admiredtrusted enterprises in Taiwan.
For more information, please visit:

Tatung InfoComm Corporation

TatungFounded in 2007 after winning the WiMAX operator license, Tatung InfoComm is a subsidiary of Tatung Company. Tatung InfoComm\s vision is to become a leading digital convergentmobile broadband service provider, offering a comprehensive range of mobile telecommunication, mobile Internet, mobile infotainmentmobile broadcasting services to bring the convenience of broadbandthe freedom of mobility to consumers, enterprises, governmentshome customers.

By capitalizing on the advantages of Tatung Co, Tatung InfoComm makes full use of over 300 3C retail chain stores across the nation. The company also designsmanufactures digital products, offering the capabilityresource of system integration with existing customers.



Telkomsel is a leading digital telecommunication company that continues to open up more opportunities and possibilities by enabling digital connectivity, digital platform, and digital services developed by prioritizing the benefits of technology for all levels of society across the country.

Telkomsel has been consistently deploying 4G mobile broadband networks and developing 5G networks, as well as enriching innovative digital solutions including Mobile Gaming, Digital Entertainment, Digital Lifestyle, Mobile Financial Services, Enterprise Solutions, and Internet of Things. During its 27 years of existence, today Telkomsel has served almost 170 million customers across Indonesia supported by more than 260.00 BTS. Our Customer Service agents can be accessed through,, Twitter @telkomsel, and Instagram @telkomsel as well as Telkomsel's virtual assistant, MyTelkomsel application.

Tellhigh Telecom

TellhighMaxyTel is the brand name of Tel High Telecom, a licensed telecommunications operator based in Kurdistan, Iraq. MaxyTel is headquartered in Erbilprovides advanced broadband services in the Kurdistan region to a growing subscriber base. The company has started to offer superfast wireless broadband services to its subscribersputs major emphasis on LTE broadband build out.

After a successful LTE trial followed by a system demonstration at the German Products Days in Erbil earlier in 2013, MaxyTel is now aligning all technicalcommercial plans to launch the TD-LTE network.

Recently MaxyTel signed a contract to provide wireless broadband services for a satellite city compound of about 4,000 villasapartment flats at Dohuk-Kurdistan-Iraq.

MaxyTel aims to enrich its customers\ lives through innovative communication servicessolutions with Kurdish mannersGerman technical expertise.



Tishknet.jpgTishknet Company is a modern telecommunications company in the fields of wireless Internet servicescommunication. It is operating in the Kurdistan region of Iraqwill soon get a license to extend services toward the rest of Iraq.

It has a license for 60 MHz frequency bands in 2.5 GHz spectrum to be used for WiMAX/LTE in the Kurdistan region, which has a population of approximately 6 million. Tishknet was established in 2011 in Sulaimaniyah with a team of efficient engineers able to provide a variety of services in (WiMAX) technology.

TishknetEricsson signed a contract to launch a TD-LTE network by the end of 2013 in band 38. 


TOT.jpgTOT Public Company Limited was founded on Feb 24, 1954,incorporated from Telephone Organization of Thailand on July 31, 2002. TOT has laid a foundation for a telecommunications system in Thailand for over 58 years.

With its extensive experiences, TOT is ready to provide a complete range of telecommunications services to meet the requirements of all target groups. 


TPG Telecom


TPG Telecom Pte Ltd (“TPG”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tuas Ltd, a company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (“ASX”).

TPG is Singapore’s 4th Mobile Network Operator deploying the most advanced island-wide LTE network with a highly resilientsecure cloud native mobile core, providing better than 99% outdoor coverage. The company won the New Entrant Spectrum Auction conducted by the IMDA on December 2016was awarded the spectrum to provide International Mobile Telecommunications (“IMT”)IMT- Advanced services (e.g. 4G services) in Singapore.  Subsequently, in April 2017, TPG successfully applied to the IMDA for a Facilities-Based Operator (“FBO”) license to provide the above IMTIMT-Advanced services.

After launching with market innovations such as free mobile service trial with unlimited datafree data roaming to neighboring countries, TPG commenced its commercial services on 31 March 2020 offering an attractive 50GB SIM only plan for both postpaidprepaid services including a special mobile plan for Senior Citizens.

True Corporation

small.jpgTrue Group’s core businesses include TrueMove H, which operates cellular business through the most comprehensive spectrum portfolio with superior network qualitycoverage nationwide. TrueMove H delivers the best mobile service experience for Thai people in communicating on all platforms comprising 4G, 3G2G networks which cover 98% of the Thai population; TrueOnline, the largest fixed-line phone provider in the Bangkok Metropolitan Area (“BMA”)the leading hi-speed broadband with the most comprehensive fiber network nationwide;TrueVisions, the leading nationwide pay TVHD TV operator. Meanwhile, convergence packages, which bundle productsservices within True Group, foster subscriber loyaltyacquisition.

True Group is determined to bring best-value offerings to customers throughout the country by focusing on network superiority, attractive combinations of its various products, service excellence,special privileges. Convergence strategy remains one of the key competitive advantages for True Groupcontinues to prove popular while fulfilling customers’ various demandslifestyles. These, combined with the nationwide distribution channels of Truebusiness partners, will further accelerate scale while assuring the Group’s continuing growthleading position in wiredwireless broadband as well as pay TV.

Türk Telekom

Türk Telekom, with more than 180 years of history, is the first integrated telecommunications operator in Türkiye. In 2015, Türk Telekomünikasyon A.Ş. adopted a “customer-oriented” and integrated structure to respond to the rapidly changing communication and technology needs of customers in the most powerful and accurate way, while maintaining the legal entities of TT Mobil İletişim Hizmetleri A.Ş. and TTNET A.Ş. intact and adhering to the rules and regulations to which they are subject. Having a wide service network and product range in the fields of individual and corporate services, Türk Telekom unified its mobile, internet, phone and TV products and services under the single "Türk Telekom" brand as of January 2016.


海威华芯.jpgTurkcell is a converged telecommunicationtechnology services provider, foundedheadquartered in Turkey. It serves its customers with voice, data, TVvalue-added consumerenterprise services on mobilefixed networks.
Turkcell’s target has been to become an integrated communicationtechnology services player in the region, operating a converged mobilefixed network platformoffering a wide range of innovative productsservices. Turkcell believes that it is important to offer our consumercorporate customers the full range of our mobile, fixedbroadband services to meet their expectations.
Turkcell was one of the first among the global operators to have implemented HSPA+. It has announced two new HSPA+ Technologies on its 3G network to meet rising data usage. Turkcell launched LTE services in its home country on April 1st, 2016, employing LTE-Advanced3 carrier aggregation technologies in 81 cities. Turkcell offers up to 1 Gbps offers up to 1 Gbps fiber internet speed with its FTTH services. Turkcell, with its wide coverage areadiverse range of services abroad, is therefore, able to provide its subscribers with mobile communication services, both in Turkeyaround the world.

Umniah Mobile

small.jpgUmniah was launched on June 26th 2005. Since then the company has positioned itself as the fastest growing telecom operator in Jordan in record time. We offer high quality integrated services, including mobile, Internet,business solutions, for the best valueat the cutting edge of industry developments. Umniah Mobile.jpg

Guided by an ambitious vision, Umniah seeks to become Jordan’s first choice for everyone in businessthe community. We want to continue to draw customers through value propositions driven by passion, talent, innovation,customer experience. Our mission focuses on innovation to connect every stakeholder to a richer life experience.


VeeTIME.jpgVeeTIME Corp has been devoted to fiber network infrastructuremultimedia platforms for decades in Taichung city.

VeeTIME has acquired various permit licenses such as a fixed network operating license, digital television platform operating license, fixed telecommunication operating license,WiMAX operating license from the government.

VeeTIME is the only nationwide WiMAX operator in Taiwan. The company provides broadband services on Taiwan’s high-speed rails. 



small.jpgVmax Telecom Co., Ltd. is an internet access company in Taipei City, Taiwan. The company is located at 5f, 19-2, Sanchung Rd.,. This private company was founded in 2007 (about eight years ago).
A typical internet access company has between 41104 employees, meaning that Vmax Telecom Co., Ltd., with a reported 44 employees, employs a typical amount of people for the industry within Taiwan.

Wateen Telecom

small.jpgWateen Telecom is a converged communication services provider that fulfills connectivity requirements for organizationsindividuals in Pakistan. It provides telecommunicationData services, including Long DistanceInternational (LDI), Optical Fiber Cable (OFC) & Telecom Infrastructure, Hybrid Fiber & Cable (HFC) Services , that make it the most comprehensive provider for all the Pakistan’s communication necessities.
Wateen began its operations in Pakistan in 2007, with the deployment of the largest fiber optic network in the country,with a new strategic visionmanagement in place, Wateen has steadily improved its service provisionits corporate structure to adequately reflect its corporate mottobeliefs of ‘Enabling Customer Lifestyles’.

Yemen Mobile

small.jpgYemen Mobile is a CDMA 2000 network provider founded in Yemen in 2004 by the Yemen ministry of telecommunicationis considered as the first CDMA network operator in the Middle East. Yemen Mobile CDMA system is based on the HUAWEI Technologies.
According to the 3GPP2 standard, CDMA 2000 system is fully compatible with IS-95 cellular phones, so it is normal that any IS-95 phone is supported by Yemen mobile. In 2012, Yemen mobile implemented ZTE network beside Huawei network as well as using LG-Nortel network in some eastern parts of the country. Yemen Mobile is the first 3G company in Yemen that provides CDMA 20001xEVDO services.

YTL Communications

YTLYTL Communications Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary of utilities company YTL Power International Berhad. It serves as the telecommunications arm within the wider YTL Corporation Berhad Group. Yes, a brand under YTL Communications, is a global frontrunner in mobile 4G technologyis the first mobile operator in Malaysia to bring mobile Internetvoice together in one offering. 

With its robust 4G network as a backbonea fully-converged mobile service, Yes is one of the most advanced wireless networks in the world. It currently covers over 85 percent of the population in Peninsular Malaysia with on-going network expansions in East Malaysia.

YTL Communications is also winner of several prestigious industry awards, namely the Broadband InfoVision Awards 2011 under the "Best New Service" category, Frost & Sullivan’s Most Innovative Service Provider of the Year 2012 awardMost Promising Telecom Service Provider of the Year 2013 award. 


Zain KSA

Zain is the pioneer of mobile telecommunications in the Middle East. It began life in 1983 in Kuwait as the region’s first mobile operator, and since the initiation of its expansion strategy in 2003, it has expanded rapidly.


2K Telecom

2K2K Telecom is an operator of the Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI).



Aero2.jpgAero2 is an operator of the Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI).


Antares is an operator of the Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI).


Multisource.jpgArgoNET is a telecoms network operator holding 450MHz FDD spectrum in Austria. ArgoNET is mainly serving enterprise & public sectorsprovides machine-type communication services for critical infrastructure (e.g. utilities for power & gas).

Aria spa

 Aria spa


Augere.jpgAugere was established in September 2007 by an experienced team of global telecom executives with the vision of delivering "broadband for all." It is committed to achieving this through the delivery of fast, reliable broadband Internet services in emerging markets using wireless networks.

Augere currently has access to the spectrum in Pakistan, Bangladesh, the states of Madhya PradeshChhattisgarh in India, Uganda, RwandaTanzania. Access to additional spectrum space is being actively pursued across AfricaAsia.

Augere\s first commercial wireless network using WiMAX was launched under the Qubee brand in Pakistan in July 2009. This was closely followed by the Bangladesh network in October 2009. By mid-2011 Augere was operating wireless networks comprising more than 650 radio base stations serving over 100,000 broadband customers.

Augere intends to launch its first TD-LTE network in Indiais studying network evolution options for existing WiMAX networks.




Bollore Telecom S.A.S.

BolloreBolloré Telecom, a greenfield 4G player with a national footprint, seeks to develop breakthrough wireless data services anywhere in France.



BT.jpgBT is one of the world’s leading communications services companies, serving the needs of customers in the UKin more than 170 countries worldwide.

The company\s main activities are the provision of fixed-line services; broadband, mobileTV productsservices; as well as networked IT services.



Datame.jpgDatame Ltd set up the first commercial wireless 4G network in Finland. The network opened to customers at the beginning of December 2010. Datame started the business using the 4G mobile WiMAX network solution supplied by Huawei Technologies Co.

The network is already operating in Lappeenranta, Kouvola, Kotka, Ylivieska, RaaheLaitila. Datamethe holding companies will arrange regional information meetings about the launch of the 4G service network in the near future in new areas.

Datame is owned by 11 Finnet companies. Work on constructing the WiMAX network has begun in all areas where the holding companies operate. The network will also be available in Helsinki, Tampere, TurkuOulu. For Datame Oy, the 4G service network is an important step in the mobile broadband connection service business.

Datame Ltd chose Huawei’s single RAN platformbe able to upgrade the network to TDD-LTE technology in the near future with no large additional costs.

Datame also owns the 450 MHz spectrum with coverage of 99 percent of the Finnish population. It also acts as the Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) for 3GGSM services.



E-Plus.jpgE-Plus Group is a challenger on the German mobile communications market. Simple services tailored to customer needsa major reduction in calldata charges can be traced back to the initiative of the third-largest mobile network operator in Germany. After revolutionizing the voice market for larger user groups, the company opened the mobile data market for the masses with its massive network roll-outhighly attractive low-priced data tariff schemes. As a result of innovative business models, modern structuresstrong partnerships, E-Plus Group was able to significantly strengthen its market positioncreate more dynamicprofitable development than the market.

Since 2005, E-Plus Mobilfunk GmbH & Co KG has developeda family of brands offering target group-specific services that break new ground in mobile communications in Germany. The flat-rate brand BASEthe mobile discounters, simyoblau, are market leaders in their segments, while the original E-Plus brand offers a range of services to its existing customers. The brand Ay-Yildiz addresses the Turkish community in Germany. Vybemobile is aimed at young music lovers. The partners of E-Plus Group include many other brands, such as Medionmobile (Aldi Talk)the German music TV station MTV.

Nearly 21 million customers use the network of E-Plus Group to make callssend textdata messages. The group generated annual revenue of 3.2 billion euros ($4.33 billion) in 2010employs more than 2,650 people (FTE) in Germany.



grupoeuronatelecom_logo-s.jpgEurona Telecom was founded in 2003 by the current Chairman, Jaume Sanpere, as an engineering company. In 2006 it started its activity as an operator by offering internet accessphone services. In 2010, Eurona was listed on the MAB (Mercado Alternativo Bursátil)has since allowed the company to face new expansion plans.

The objective is to offer internetphone services in niche markets, ruralnon-rural areas, taking advantage of the improvement in technologies such as WiMaxLTE now. The company has subsidiaries in Italy, UK, Peru, Chile, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Mexico, Jamaicathe US.


Imagine Group

ImagineImagine Group is Ireland\s leading 4G operator with over 200MHz of spectrum allocated in bands 4243. It currently operates, among others, a successful, nationwide WiMAX 802.16e network that is in the process of being upgraded to TD-LTE. This wireless network complements its fixed line broadbandvoice offerings for residentialbusiness customers.

The company also operates internationally as an international voice carrier based in Amsterdamhas other strategic interests globally.


Intelligent Technologies S.A.

small.jpgIntelligent Technologies S.A. is an operator mainly focusing on delivering all kind of a telecommunication services to office campusesstandalone buildings. We are using all range of modern technology to satisfy our customers starting from fiber to the desk, wireless coverage for all tenants office spacebuilding passive gsm structure to support mobile operators (TDD) with full access inside the buildings to mobile phone services. We are ready for 5G fixed networkwe are improving our wireless WiFi installations to AC technologyon the end of this year we are going to open first building technology based on AD standard (8Gbps per sector).


LLC InterProekt covers the segment of broadband wireless access was concentrated mainly on low-rise buildings and the private sector in small towns, cities with small populations.

The main direct competitors are the largest operators of mobile communication (3G/ 4G) and mobile broadband provide Internet services.

Multinet Systems

MultinetMultinet – is an international group of telecommunication companies with Headquarters in Moscow, Russia, that operates networks in Asia, AfricaLatin America - Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Peru, Mozambiquecontinues developing new startup’s .

Founded in 2000, Multinet focuses its activity on providing broadband wireless Internet access on emerging markets. Multinet offers Internet connection for businessprivate customers with a range of telecommunications services, including voice, datavideo services. Multinet targets the markets where high demand for broadband access services coexists with limited infrastructure. The company satisfies this demand deploying WiMAXLTE standards based networks. 



NEO-SKY is an operator of the Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI).


neotel.jpgNeotel DOO is a leader in developing modern telecommunication services to meet the highest professional standards of businessresidential users with fixed voice services, high speed Internet, data transfer, offering effective solutions, innovative thinking, dynamic development, honest relationsrefreshing offers for high quality services, with attractive price.

Our vision is to be the leader in delivering converged communication services in Macedoniaregion. Our mission is to help our customers be successful in a competitive world by providing them with the best quality communication services.


Osnova Telecom

OsnovaOsnova Telecom is a national LTE mobile operator (4G). The company holds 2, 3-24 GHz frequency band licenses throughout Russia. The primary objective of the company is to build a modern fourth generation communication system by providing users with fasthigh-quality Internet access. Subscribers all over the world look for comfortable wireless Internet connections on the go.

"Comfortable” stands here for ever-increasing qualityconnection speed. LTE technology is designed to destroy the difference between traditional, stable-wire connectionswireless ones. The latter has been notoriously slowunsteady until the introduction of 4G. Now, laptop users are unable to differentiate between wiredwireless connections. This represents the significance of LTE.



R is an operator of the Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI).


Smoltelecom.jpgSmoltelecom was established in 2001 as an alternative telecom operator in Smolensk, Russia, the regional center of Smolensk Oblast, south of Moscow. The area covers 49,800 square kilometers, has a population of more than 1 million,is part of Russia’s central economic district.

Nearly 40 percent of the region’s industrial production (engineering, chemicals, manufacturing, diamond cuttingfood) is concentrated in the city of Smolensk, which has 350,000 residents. Corporations comprise 80 percent of Smoltelecom’s customers,the company’s own fiber-optic metropolitan area network (MAN) supports 1,500 corporate customers inaround Smolensk.These customers include RF Sberbank (Russian Savings Bank), Microsoft, taxcustoms services,the offices of the regional Smolensk Oblast administration.

In 2006, Smoltelecom began a network reconstruction project to create a new MPLS Ethernet MAN with 1 gigabit per second (GB/s) speeds in the aggregation layer10 GB/s at the core. Smoltelecom needed to upgrade its network to cater to exploding demands from new usersapplications.

It has taken advantage of MPLS to open new high-margin revenue opportunities. Smoltelecom’s enterprise customers demanded the VPN services that MPLS delivered. Additionally, Smoltelecom needed to connect remote sites across the regionincrease customer coverage through wireless access.


Softnet Group

CablevisionSoftnet Group is an operator which is building a next generation integrated network based on LTE-TDD (band 43)WiFi (HOTSPOT 2.0). Network infrastructure is located in six metropolitan areas in Poland.


Soyuz Telecom

SoyuzSoyuz Telecom is a company that provides a full range of services in the telephony sphere. It provides Internet access as well as the best data transmission in Moscow.

The quality of Soyuz Telecom’s technologies is confirmed by its realized projects. The company has ensured functioning of several large office centers: the Manson of the Imperial Mint, administrative complexes on the Luzhnetsky Naberezhnaya of Moscow, in Balashikha situated near Moscow,in Ramenki.

Guarantee of the trouble-free operation of the network Soyuz Telecom is its redundant safety margincarrier capacity. The basic network is connected to the foreign segment of the Internet by two independent channels with a carrier capacity of 1 Gbps. There is a reserve connection to the western segment with a carrier capacity of 100 Mbpsa connection to the Russian segment by several channels with the carrier capacity of 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps.

If a client requires service in a remote zone where the laying of physical communication lines is complicatedimpossible, Soyuz Telecom offers access through radio channels. To provide such services, a user device with wireless broadband access is used, allowing full-duplex transmission of data with speeds of up to 5 Mbps.

The company introduces future technologies in the sphere of the Internettelephony using reliable, functionaleffective know-how. The company works for its clients to get timelyqualitative access to information resourcesthereby win an advantage in the market.


Tiscali S.p.A.

1LankaTiscali S.p.A. (Borsa Italiana. Milan: TIS) is one of the leading alternative telecommunications companies in Italy. Tiscali provides its privatebusiness customers with a vast range of services: Internet access through dial-upADSL, as well as voice, VoIP, media, added-value servicesother technologically advanced products such as social media platforms. As at 31 December 2014 Tiscali reported around 481.3 thousand ADSL customers in Italy. Of these, around 357 thousand are Dual Play customers. The Tiscali website may be accessed at


TTK.jpgTTK is one of the top five Russian telecommunications companies. Its main shareholder is Russian Railways. TTK operatesservices one of the largest fiber networks in Russia, which is more than 76,000 km longhas bandwidth capability of up to 1.6 Tbps.

TTK introduces a full range of telecommunication services for Russian Railways, large commercial corporations, carriersend-users. The transcontinental TTK backbone, Eurasia Highway, has connections to the communications networks of almost all neighboring countries, including China, Japan, Mongolia, North Korea, Finland, the Baltic statesthe CIS. It is the optimal route between EuropeAsia. 


UK Broadband

UKUK Broadband is the UK’s largest holder of national radio spectrum suitable for 4G mobile servicesfixed wireless solutions.

It provides wireless data capacity, equipment, servicessolutions to the telecom industry, service providers, channel partnersthe public sector .


Ukrainian High Technologies (Freshtel)

Ukrainian High Technologies (Freshtel) 

Venus & Mercury Telecom

海威华芯.jpgVenus & Mercury Telecom is a greenfield telecom operator in the Netherlands that seeks to address the needs of niche market segments currently underserved by mainstream operators. First focus is to provide Fixed Wireless Broadband Services to the areas of the Netherlands where the deployment of Fiber optic cable based broadband service is insufficient and/or too costly to be commercially viable.


Vodafone.jpgVodafone is one of the world\s largest mobile communications companies by revenue with approximately 358 million customers in its controlledjointly-controlled markets as of Dec 31, 2010.

Vodafone currently has equity interests in over 30 countries across five continentsmore than 40 partner networks worldwide. 



boeh.jpgVoentelecom is an operator of the Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI).



VOYACOM is a young & dynamic operator, headquartered in Belgium with 4G license. By establishing the strategic partnerships with global players, working closely with industry standard bodies, VOYACOM is specializing in wireless telecom industry, planning to offer high-quality voicedata service to government, enterprisecustomers. To keep a pioneer role in this fast-changing, rapidly-growing market, VOYACOM has developed the TD-LTE (the evolution of TD-SCDMA) technologiesproducts. Our target is to provide mobile servicesapplications based on mobile internet, cloud computingthe Internet of Things. Together with you, VOYACOM will create a brighter, more innovative future.

North America

Clearwire Communications LLC

ClearwireClearwire is a provider of reliable, wireless, high-speed broadband Internet services to consumerssmall businesses. Clearwire utilizes next-generation non-line-of-sight wireless technology to connect customers to the Internet using the radio spectrum, thus eliminating the confines of traditional cablephone wiring.

The tower transmits radio signals from a base site to a small, wireless modem, the size of a paperback book, that easily connects a user\s computer to the Internet. 


Digicel Group

digicel.jpgDigicel Group Limited is a leading global communications provider with operations in 31 markets in the Caribbean, Central AmericaAsia Pacific. After 12 years of operation, total investment to date stands at over US$4.5 billion worldwide.

The company is renowned for delivering best value, best servicebest network. Digicel operate networks using GSM, UMTS, LTEWiMax wireless technologies. 



DIRECTDirecTV is one of the world\s leading providers of digital television entertainment services, delivering a premium video experience through state-of-the-art technology, unmatched programmingindustry leading customer service to more than 32 million customers in the USLatin America. 


Dish Network

DishDish is a leader in satellite TV, providing subscribers with the highest-quality programmingtechnology at the best value. 


Horizon Wi-COM

Horizon Wi-COM is an operator of the Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI).


IBW is an operator of the Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI).

NetSet Communications


NetSet Communications is rural broadband operator located in Manitoba Canada. NetSet currently manages over 200 towersoperates the largest MPLS network in the provinceone of the largest WiMAX RAN’s in the province. Plans are underway to upgraderun a concurrent WiMAX/TD-LTE network in 2014. As a large spectrum holder of 3.5Ghz in the province, NetSet has keen interest in optimizing the usethroughput of the band to better serve the needs of its subscribers todaytomorrow.

NextWave Wireless Inc

NextWaveNextWave Wireless Inc is the licensee of 1.7 GHz, 2.3 GHz2.5 GHz spectrums in the United Statesthe 2.3 GHz spectrum in Canada.

The company currently operates a WiMAX-based wireless broadband network using its 2.3 GHz2.5 GHz spectrum. 



NII.jpgNII Holdings is a leading provider of fully integrated mobile communication services, focused on “providing the right customers with the right productsthe right service.” This customer-centric approach is at the core of a winning formula behind NII Holdings’ Nextel brand in Latin America.

NII Holdings uses iDEN (integrated digital enhanced network) technology developed by Motorola to provide instant access, low latency, high voice qualitydependable communications. It combines digital cellular voice, data,Nextel’s differentiated Direct Connect, a digital two-way radio feature, to provide a unique integrated communication solution that offers both greater efficiencyvaluable cost savings.

NII made progress on the evolution of its regional business by being awarded the 30MHz spectrum in Mexico in 2010 in an effort to deploy its 3G network. That same year, NII was the winning bidder of a national 3G license in the Brazilian government’s “H Band” auction to acquire more spectrums, while it remained on track to launch its 3G network in Chile by mid-2011. 



salnetEL SALVADOR NETWORK S.A., better known to the public as SALNET, is a 100% privately owned Salvadorian Telecommunications Company that has contributed in the development of top of the line technology in telecommunications services in El Salvador. Born in 1997, SALNET began offering long distance call services, high-speed Internet Services in fiber opticFixed Line Services to the public.

Currently, the Company offers a broad range of integrated telecommunications services including Cable TV in FTTx, Automated Vehicle Location Services, CCTV, InternetData Transmission Services to businessesindividuals within Salvadorian territory in fiber optics, WiMaxxDSL.


Sprint.jpgSprint Nextel offers a comprehensive range of wirelesswired communication services bringing the freedom of mobility to consumers, businessesgovernment users.

Sprint Nextel served more than 53 million customers at the end of Q3 2011is widely recognized for developing, engineeringdeploying innovative technologies, including the first wireless 4G service from a national carrier in the United States.

It offers industry-leading mobile data services; leading prepaid brands including Virgin Mobile USA, Boost MobileAssurance Wireless; instant nationalinternational push-to-talk capabilities;a global tier 1 Internet backbone.

Newsweek ranked Sprint third in its 2011 Green Rankings, listing it as one of the nation’s greenest companies, the highest of any telecommunications company. 


Telecommunication Services of TrinidadTobago

TelecommunicationsTelecommunications Services of TrinidadTobago Limited is the country\s largest provider of communications solutions to residentialcommercial markets. Its leading edge products are designed around its IP-based core infrastructuremarketed under its BlinkBmobile brands.

In addition to fixed linemobile communications, the company has an innovative line of BlackBerries, Android-based devicesthe iPhone 4. It also offers broadband access including best-in-class Wi-MAXCDMA technology, metro Ethernet, video conferencing, telepresence, subscription-based IPTV,businesshome alarm monitoringsecurity services.

TSTT is the industry leader deploying both wirelessfiber optic networks to deliver voice, datamultimedia capabilities, making it also one of the most advanced solutions providers in the country. As the only local telecom operator poised to deliver true “quintuple play” services, the evolution of its networks to incorporate leading technologies such as Wi-MAX will allow it to maintain its position as one of the more advanced providers of telecommunications services within the Caribbean. 



Unitel S.A. is a private Angolan mobile phone company which was established on 8 March 2001 as a joint-stock company
Unitel sells its services via a network of shops; recharging cards for pre-paid contracts are also sold by individual street sellers all over Angola. Prepaid cards can also be recharged via the Multicaixa network of ATM\s. Unitel claims to have 9 million customers out of a population of estimated 18 to 20 million people.
Unitel operates a network based on GSMUMTS standards,provides voice communications, text (SMS)multimedia (MMS) messages,mobile internet access. Contracts are available as post-paidpre-paid. Since December 2011, Unitel covers all Angolan municipalities, by installing a transmitter in Rivungo, Kuando Kubango province; a station which is operated by solar power.

VelaTel Global Communications

VelaTelVelaTel Global Communications, founded in May 2008, is a holding company of telecommunications carriersa leader in deployingoperating wireless broadbandtelecommunication networks worldwide.

VelaTel acquires spectrum assets through acquisitionjoint venture relationshipsprovides capital, engineering, architectureconstruction services related to the build-out of wireless broadband telecommunications networks, which it then operates by offering services attractive to residential, enterprisegovernment subscribers.

VelaTel currently focuses on emerging markets where Internet penetration rate is low relative to the capacity of incumbent operators to provide comparable cutting edge services, and/or where the entry cost to acquire spectrum is low relative to projected subscribers.

VelaTel currently has project operations in the People’s Republic of ChinaPeru. Additional target markets include countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, Southeast AsiaEastern Europe. 



WIND.jpgWind Telecom is a telecommunications service provider in the Dominican Republic. Since the beginning of 2008, it has provided Internet, VoIPdigital television services by subscription for both residentialcorporate customers in the cities of Santo Domingo, SantiagoSan Cristobal.

Wind Telecom also provides services of international traffic terminationconnectivity between the Dominican Republicthe rest of the world. It is the only operator with fully wireless “triple play service,” providing customers with a high quality experience combining an extensive fiber network, mobile WiMAXMMDS technology. 


Xplornet Communications

XplornetHeadquartered in Woodstock, New Brunswick, Xplornet Communications Inc (formerly Barrett Xplore Inc) is Canada\s leading rural broadband provider. The firm believes everyone should have access to the transformative benefits of broadband, so it makes its services available everywhere in Canada, including hard to reach places.

The firm has overcome the challenges of Canada\s vast geography through the deployment of Canada\s first national 4G network, which leverages both fixed-wireless towers on the groundnext-generation satellites in space.

The company’s customers live in the farthest reaches of the countryoutside of major urban centers. Through its coast-to-coast network of local dealers, the company connects its customers to all that the Internet offers. Xplornet brings high-speed Internet to all of Canada. 



NBN Co Limited

NBNNBN Co is a wholly-owned commonwealth government company that was established in 2009 to rollout high-speed broadband to every Australian homebusiness. NBN’s goal is simple – deliver Australia’s first national wholesale-only, open-access broadband network to all Australians, regardless of where they livework.

NBN will connect 93 percent of premises with fiber optic cables. However, because of the size of the country, it will use TD-LTE fixed wirelesssatellite services to connect the remaining 7 percent of premises that do not fallthe fiber footprint. 



Optus.jpgOptus is an Australian leader in integrated telecommunications, delivering cutting-edge communications, information technologyentertainment services. In 2001 SingTel became the parent company of Optus, paving a path to become a strongstrategic telecommunications player within the Asia-Pacific region.


Vividwireless Group Limited

VividwirelessVividwireless Group Limited established Australia’s first wireless broadband network in 2004commissioned Australia’s first 4G data network in March 2010. The network serves one of the major Australian capital city markets, Perth, with business performance outpacing budgeted expectations. Smaller foundation networks have been commissioned in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, BrisbaneCanberra.

Vividwireless is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Seven Group Holdings Ltd, Australia’s leading media company.

Vividwireless has unprecedented spectrum holdings in the constrained Australian market, with nearly 200 MHz frequencies covering the major capital cities in the 2.3 GHz3.4 GHz bands. 



Woosh.jpgWoosh was founded in 2003has its own independent wireless network. Woosh owns rights to 93 MHz frequencies including 35 MHz in the 2.3 GHz band. Woosh provides both wirelessfixed line broadband products.

Its wireless network covers 200,000 households in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurchthe Southland region. It also provides fixed line broadbandhome phone products nationwide.

Woosh’s wireless products are the most price competitive available on the market. 


South America

Cablevision SA

CablevisionCablevision Systems Corporation is a leading telecommunicationsmedia company with a portfolio of operations that includes a full suite of advanced digital television, voicehigh-speed Internet services; valuable local mediaprogramming properties;movie theatres.

Founded in 1973 as a cable television operator with 1,500 Long Island customers, Cablevision today offers advanced digital television, voicehigh-speed Internet services to millions of householdsbusinesses in the New York metropolitan areathroughout four Western states. Cablevision\s popular Optimum-branded communications services include Optimum TV digital cable TV, Optimum Voice home phoneOptimum Online high-speed Internet. In the New York tri-state area, Cablevision\s telecommunications properties also consist of Optimum Wi-Fi, the nation\s largest wireless Internet network,Lightpath, a leading provider of integrated business communications solutions that meets the needs of larger companies.

Through its local mediaprogramming properties, Cablevision delivers content created specifically for the tri-state-area communities it serves. These include Optimum TV’s exclusive News 12 Networks, an award-winning local news leader,MSG Varsity, a suite of televisiononline services covering high school sportsactivities. Providing additional compelling local content is Newsday Media Group, which includes Long Island\s leading daily newspaper, Newsday,the popular website It also provides amNewYork, the nation\s most widely circulated free daily serving New York CityLong Island\s largest publisher of weekly shopperscommunity papers.

Also a part of the Cablevision family of companies is Clearview Cinemas, one of the largest film exhibitors in the tri-state areaowner of the famed Ziegfeld Theatre, a popularhistoric site for film premieres.

Cablevision\s rich history includes the creation, ownershipoperation of Rainbow Media Holdingsits popular television networks from 1980 until June 2011, when it became a separate, public company named AMC Networks Inc. In addition, Cablevision was owneroperator of Madison Square Gardenits properties from 1997 until February 2010, when the sportsentertainment leader became a separate, public company now called The Madison Square Garden Company.





Omnivision is an operator of the Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI).

On Telecom

OnOn Telecom is the newest major telecommunications company in Brazil. As a pioneer provider of 4G broadband, On Telecom utilizes the most up to date technology in the world, TD-LTE, offering the best access to high-speed Internet that is wireless, portable, easy, faststable.

On Telecom’s primary commitment is to the quality of care provided to its customers. On Telecom’s network is expanding in São Paulo, covering initially more than 130 cities with a population of about 10 million people.


Quark Communications

Quark Communications


VTR.jpgVTR is an operator of the Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI).