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GTI Launched 5G-A×AI Development Program, Openin... 23 rd / 4 / 2024

In the five years since its first commercial launch, the commercial value of 5G has been gradually unleashed. 5G development is now entering the 5G-Advanced stage. At the same time, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a key driver for profound changes in human productivity and lifestyle. The development of 5G-A and AI are becoming intertwined. Whereas AI is empowering 5G-A to expandmore Cases, the 5G-A infrastructure is allowing AI to develop to its full potential. Together, 5G-A and AI are creating a new era of 5G A2...

【NEW】GTI Report - 5G-A x AI: New Era, New Opport... 18 th / 3 / 2024

This report focuses on the business models and value expansions of 5G in the three markets: Individual, Household, and Industrial. The report then analyzes new opportunities and values brought by the collaborative development between 5G-A and AI. GTI aims to gather the industry’s consensus regarding how to realize the full potential of 5G A2, and create a much broader value space for the entire industry.

【NEW】GTI White Paper on IMT System Operating in... 17 th / 1 / 2024

This white paper will investigate the coexistence of IMT and existing 6GHz band services, such as FSS/FS, by exploring the models, parameters and technologies based on ITU-R agreement, and timely carry out the relevant simulation to verify the theoretical analysis.

【NEW】GTI 5G New Calling Open Ecosystem White Pap... 31 st / 12 / 2023

This white paper introduces the 5G New Calling open ecosystem from multiple dimensions such as the value chain, technical framework, practice cases, standardization progress, and industrial cooperation, etc. It is hoped that this withe paper will help all the industry partners to jointly promote the construction of the 5G New Calling open ecosystem.

【NEW】GTI 5G Native Deterministic Technology for... 31 st / 12 / 2023

This white paper presents the deterministic demand for key application scenarios based on the comprehensive analysis of 5G enabled digital factory, proposes the core concept of "Native supply of deterministic capability, extreme service for deterministic performance global guarantee for deterministic reliability", as well as summarizes and forecasts the future evolution of 5G native deterministic technology and industry development.

【NEW】GTI Requirements and Typical Industry Appli... 29 th / 12 / 2023

This white paper explores the extensive applications and potential benefits of IoT technology in various sectors, and delveshow Passive IoT technology enhances efficiency, reduces operational costs, and bolsters management and monitoring capabilities in these domains, facilitating their transition to more intelligent and efficient systems.

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