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GTI leaders push for cross-industry cooperation 9 th / 3 / 2023

Members of the GTI gathered for its annual Summit at MWC23 Barcelona to applaud its achievements since it was founded in 2011 and to kick off the next phase of the organisation, GTI 3.0, with a focus on continuing global cooperation.

GTI 3.0: The next phase 9 th / 3 / 2023

The GTI unveiled a four-point action plan to drive the organisation forward amid rapid change across the mobile ecosystem as well as macroeconomic challenges, with GTI 3.0’s mission aimed at continuing global cooperation toward greater commercial success.

White Paper-Ten Cross-domain Innovation Directio... 13 th / 1 / 2023

The white paper analyzes the related challenges, and calls on the academia and industry for more attention and investment to address these challenges together,ensure the sustainable, healthy and great-leap forward development of the information and communication industry in the future.

Development Trend of 6G Holographic Communicatio... 13 th / 1 / 2023

The white paper conducts research and analysis on the technological evolution, application scenarios, network requirements, and industrial development of holographic communication.

A Digital Twin Network Approach for 6G Wireless... 13 th / 1 / 2023

This paper introduces the basic concepts of the digital twin network, three contents, five states and double closed loops, puts forward four technical features, and designs an end-to-end network architecture. Beside, this paper discusses the relationship between the digital twin network and the new data plane and intelligence plane of 6G, and plans the key technology system.

6G White Paper on Metamaterials for Information... 13 th / 1 / 2023

This white paper presents four major applications of information metamaterials: antennas, intelligent reflective surfaces, metasurface based base stations for beamforming, and metasurface- based direct modulations, with the aim to share new design concepts and technical means for 6G communications networks.

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