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Technical Work


Key Focus of GTI 3.0 Technical Work



Program 1: 5G Technology and Product

· Share commercial experience to facilitate global 5G/5G-A development: Global 5G development analysis, 5G commercial experience sharing

· Emphasize demand-oriented innovation in both technology and service: 5G & 5G-A technology evolution, new 5G end-to-end cost-efficient products, new applications and services exploration

· Accelerate cross-domain technology integration and breakthroughs: Promote cross-domain and cross-organization collaboration, cooperate with AI Program to explore more potence.

Program 2: 5G Enterprise Network Solution (5G ENS)

·  Share the latest key requirements from verticals: Power grid, Petrolem, factory, transportation...

·  Facilitate scenario-driven products and solutions for industry: Passive IoT for logistics and warehousing, 5G Intelligent & Lightweight Solution for Production line control, ISAC for smart transportation ...

·  Enhance technology innovation to explore new industrial applications: Promote integration of communication, sensing and AI to realize autonomous asset management and product defect detection...

Program 3: Innovative Business & Service

·  Build on the experiences shared in 5G Monetization Report

·  Release updated version of 5G Monetization Report

·  Engage ecosystem partners regarding how GTI can assist with regulators, OTT partners and other innovative monetization partners

5G-A×AI Development Program

·  Build 5 Open Labs Worldwide

·  Build an Open Collaborative Community

·  Explore Innovative Use Cases