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6G Visible Light Communication Technology White... 13 th / 1 / 2023

This white paper aims to discuss the potential application scenarios of VLC in 6G and the communication requirements expected to be met, and proposes the challenges and key technologies of VLC, so as to promote the discussion and thinking in the industry.

6G Service-based RAN White Paper 13 th / 1 / 2023

This white paper presents the design principles, overall vision, key technologies, and development challenges of service-based RAN, as well as possible application scenarios and standardization prospect.

6G Native AI Architecture and Technologies White... 13 th / 1 / 2023

This white paper introduces the driving forces and application scenarios of native intelligence, elaborates on the definition and scope of native AI, and proposes the deep integration of AI computing power, data, algorithms and network connections, and prospects the future research directions.

6G Lean RAN White Paper 13 th / 1 / 2023

This white paper aims to put forward the driving force analysis, architecture design, key technologies and challenges by China Mobile for 6G lean radio access network. We hope that it can provide reference and guidance for the design scheme of 6G access network architecture and protocol stack function in the industry.

GTI Network Digital Twin Capability Grading Whit... 31 st / 12 / 2022

This white paper constructs a network digital twin capability grading system. It provides technical requirements based on the characteristics of each level, and the application value of network digital twin is reflected in combination with typical scenarios and use cases. Finally, the future evolution of network digital twin technology and industry development are summarized and prospected.

GTI 5G Wireless Network White Paper Towards a Lo... 31 st / 12 / 2022

This white paper will serve as a platform to share and present the solutions and experience of the low-cost 5G network deployment, thus providing a reference to the industry partners to jointly promote the low-cost 5G industry maturity, drive its scale commercialization, and embrace the property of 5G ecosystem.

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