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GTI Sub-6GHz 5G Device White Paper_v5.0 18 th / 11 / 2020

Targeting for the 5G industrialization, this White Paper is necessary to facilitate the development of 5G chipset/ device and the corresponding test instruments. This document targets enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) scenario for Sub-6GHz 5G commercial products, which is conducted to be the technical references for the development of chipset/ device and the basis for the 5G commercial products specs.

GTI Mobile Broadband Foundation White Paper_v1.0 17 th / 11 / 2020

This white paper stresses that mobile broadband is an infrastructure of national ICT, and its development requires the joint efforts of governments, operators, and related social resources to work hand in hand on networks, users, and digital services.

GTI 2300MHz Industry White Paper_v1.0 17 th / 11 / 2020

This white paper will provide the advantages of TDD spectrum, information of 2300MHz ecosystem, suggestions for facilitating the efficient utilization and fast deployment of LTE TDD globally and smooth evolution to 5G, as well as policy recommendations for regulators to facilitate high use of spectrum efficiency.

GTI and Huawei Jointly Release Mobile Broadband... 12 th / 11 / 2020

[November 12, 2020, Shanghai, China] At the 11th Global Mobile Broadband Forum (Global MBBF), GTI and Huawei jointly released the Mobile Broadband Foundation Ne...

GTI 5G Device Power Consumption White Paper_v4.0 12 th / 11 / 2020

This whitepaper provides the analysis of the factors of power consumption, such as the key components /the 5G feature and the service type/the test solution and the performance requirements of power consumption for 5G device. In the early stage, the analysis of power consumption for sub6G eMBB terminal and the vertical terminal is the main part, the start-up time of the research of power consumption for millimeter wave device depends on the industry maturity.

GTI 5G Device OTA Test Specification_v2.0 7 th / 8 / 2020

This specification targets enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) scenario for 5G Device products testing. It provides evaluation criteria for UE OTA performance in the 5G test.

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