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GTI unveils the joint “2.3GHz Band Industry Stat... 11 th / 10 / 2021

As 5G approaches, it will unleash the limitless possibilities and enable more exciting services and applications in our society. Therefore, GTI together with ...

GTI Built-in Security for Telecommunication Netw... 1 st / 9 / 2021

Based on current 5G network security statusrequirements from telecom operators, this white paper provides an overview of the goalsthe architecture of 5G endogenous security, its capabilitieskey requirements. Conclusions are made to telecom operatorsequipment vendors on effective collaboration to promote the developmentadoption of 5G endogenous security.

GTI Set up “Project 7: 6GHz IMT New Spectrum” to... 27 th / 8 / 2021

5G has been experiencing rapid developmentbecome the key enabler to society’s digital transformationnational sustainable economic growth. With the rapid popularity of UHD videoXR services, the data traffic consumption of 5G users will continue to grow. According to the ITU report, the average monthly DOU of mobile users worldwide will reach 250 GB by 2030. In addition, 5G will be widely used in various vertical industry applications. Given the above business requirements, GSMA has stated that each country will still need an...

GTI Security Guidelines for 5G-Enabled Vertical... 4 th / 8 / 2021

This white paper analyzes differentiated cyber security riskssecurity solutions in the context of such 5G application scenarios as manufacturing, energy,ports, aiming to guide vertical industries on how to builddeploy appropriate cyber security capabilities, while also improving the security level of 5G applications.

GTI 5G MEC Security White Paper_v1.0 27 th / 7 / 2021

This white paper shows that MEC is most typically employed for smart factory, smart grid, smart driving, healthcare, entertainment,digital media scenarios,these industries represent the largest potential future markets for MEC.

GTI 5G Device Function & Performance Test Specif... 2 nd / 4 / 2021

This specification targets enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) scenario for 5G Sub-6GHz Chipset, ModuleDevice products testing. It not only stipulates the 5G device functionperformance test in lab for NSA Mode (Option 3/3a/3x)SA (Option 2), but also provides evaluation criteria for basic functionsperformance in the 5G test.

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