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6G Lean RAN White Paper

2023-01-13 20:37:00| Source:

Table of Contents

1. Background 1

2. The driving force of 6G lean radio access network 4

2.1 From "build before use" to "deploy on demand"

2.2 From "high energy consumption" to "green network"

2.3 From "three scenarios" to "more diversified scenarios"

2.4 From "flat network" to "cube network"

2.5 From "expert experience" to "high-level network autonomy"

3. Lean radio access network architecture 9

4. Key technologies of 6G lean RAN 12

4.1 Signaling and data decoupling

4.2 Lean network functions

4.3 Management and orchestration

5. Future outlook 23

References 26

List of abbreviations 27